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DC EV Charger Piles
BSEC DC EV Charger Piles

EV Charging Infrastructure portfolio: 60kW CCS2 CHAdeMO AC type1 or 2 Fast Charging Station, 120/180/240kW/300kW/360kW/420kW

CCS2 DC Charging Station, 360~500kW High Power Ultra Fast Charging Station, DC Charging Stack, Power Module for DC Charger, Power Line Communication Modem, AC Charger and Renewable Energy Charging Station.

The Chargers are designed to be durable, reliable, modular and easy to service. It supports the open communication protocol OCPP, and obtained the CE test certificate issued by the TUV SUD test laboratory establishing compliance with IEC-61851 and IEC-62196.

Since 2015, Wenzhou Blue Sky is leading the e-mobility revolution with charging infrastructure in China and many countries.
We welcome worldwide distributors and partners to join us and write the future together.


BSEC DC Fast Charging Station
Application: public operations such as highway rest stops, petrol stations, airport etc.. private operations such as EV dealers, EV fleets etc.
Compatible vehicles: BMW, Volkswagen, GM, Porsche, Audi, Nissan, Mitsubishi,Peugeot, Citroen, Kia, Renault, Daimler, Tesla, Smart, Mercedes

The BSEC Series DC Fast Charging Station is able to charge all current and next generation vehicles with CCS,CHAdeMO and AC Type 1 or 2.
The 60kW charging station is a configurable single, dual or triple outlet(default) fast charging station, supporting the changing needs of each customer.
The 120kW/180kW/240kW/300kW/360kW/420kW are Fast Charger to charge any CCS Compatible Bus or Vehicles.


Model Description:



Product Features


■ 60 kW DC fast charger supporting multiple standards as CCS, CHAdeMO, AC Type 1 or 2
■ Multiple outputs: DC power up to 60 kW, AC power up to 43 kVA
■ Supports CCS and CHAdeMO charging outputs simultaneously(optional)
■ 120kW/180kW/240kW/ 300kW / 360kW / 420kW DC fast charger supporting CCS2
■ Reliable, robust, modular hardware
■ Simple, quick and easy installation
■ Daylight readable touch screen display
■ Supports the open communication protocol OCPP
■ RFID authorization
■ Low operational noise
■ Customizable


Technical parameter



Specification model







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