380v circuit of charging pile

With the popularity of new energy vehicles, DC charging piles serve as an important infrastructure to support green travel. The price of the 380v circuit of the charging pile starts from 20,000 to 30,000 yuan. Today, let’s simplify it for everyone to see, understand it, and use it to make it better for everyone.

380v circuit of charging pile

In short, the high-voltage circuit of the DC charging pile consists of the following main parts:

1. Power electricity – usually refers to high-voltage alternating current (AC) from the power grid;

2. AC contactor – a key component that controls the on and off of current, responsible for connecting and cutting off power electricity;

3. DC charging module – converts AC power into direct current (DC) suitable for electric vehicle batteries and controls it stably;

4. High-voltage DC contactor – when the battery is fully charged or fails, cuts off the high-voltage DC power to ensure safety;

5. Battery pack – the core component of electric vehicles to store energy, receiving and storing power sent by high-voltage DC contactors.

DC EV charger green

If these professional electrical terms confuse you, let’s use popular terms: power in – switch – power conversion equipment – switch – electrical appliances, or more simply power – switch – light. Even the most complex equipment is added little by little from the simplest circuit according to the needs of power safety and convenience.

The power consumption process is so simple, and safe power consumption is indeed an eternal topic. For safety and efficiency, even the most complex circuits are worth studying.

Of course, you may notice that you said this 380v circuit, but when I bought my car, it could be charged with 1000v high voltage. This is not inappropriate. This must be said that even the voltage that most of our electrical practitioners can use in their work is only 220v and 380v. The more powerful the electrical equipment, the thicker the incoming line needs to be adjusted. It does not mean that only 220v and 380v can be contacted. This is the universal voltage provided by our country. We can use power conversion equipment to change 0~1000v at will. It is just simple, and DC and AC conversion is also common.

In the 380v high-voltage circuit of the charging pile, the DC charging module is our power conversion equipment. From 380v to 500v or 750v two years ago, the trend is now generally towards 1000v. Our power consumption capacity and power demand are constantly changing, just like the models of DC charging modules have more than a dozen types of power matching various voltages, plus different brands, which is even more dazzling.

Leave electricity safety to us, understand the way of electricity use, and everyone uses electricity safely.

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