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About Us

Our EV charger products are used in more than 30 countries around the world
In the field of electric vehicle chargers, obtained 60 Chinese patent certificates and computer software certificates
Bluesky has 200 employees engaged in the production and service of charging station equipment
Globally, more than 20,000 electric vehicle charging stations or households are using Bluesky EV charger
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EV Charging Station, Gas station, Natural Gas Filling Station, Hydrogen Filling Station Equipment and System Supplier

Bluesky was established in 1997.

At the beginning, we were engaged in the research, development and manufacture of fuel dispenser electronic control systems.

With the optimization and expansion of the product line, many competitive products have gradually formed, such as fuel dispensers, LPG/CNG/LNG dispensers, Adblue dispensers, mobile gas stations, management system software, mobile APP, etc.

With the development of electric vehicles, we started to develop EV charger products as early as 10 years ago.

In recent years, electric vehicles, as new energy vehicles, have made rapid progress under the vigorous promotion of the Chinese government. Our EV charger business has also achieved rapid development, forming AC and DC EV chargers.
High-power group charging, liquid-cooled EV charger, EV charging station management system, APP, RFID and bank pos system, etc. Whether it is household or commercial charging, we can provide a one-stop solution.

Welcome to Bluesky to visit and explore more electric vehicle charging technologies.

Milestones of brand

In 1997, R&D and manufacturing of electronic control systems for fuel dispensers and gas station management systems In 2008, gas dispensers In 2012, liquefied petroleum gas and natural gas dispensers In 2013, skid mounted refueling equipment In 2014, Adblue dispensers Listed in China in 2015
Since 2015, Bluesky's development team has started to involve in the research and development of electric vehicle charger products, completed the AC series Charging station and DC fast charging series Charging station products, and delivered them for use.
We keep up with the pace of the times and are committed to the research and development of new energy equipment, so that all people in the world do not have to worry about energy refueling

Bluesky Team

Bluesky takes “customer achievement, gratitude, and altruism, innovative thinking, teamwork, and Strive for excellence” as the company’s values.

To provide you with high-quality charging products and services, and create maximum value.


Make the best EV Charger

Customizable EV Chrager product
Choose to customize the color you like, you can also provide models, images, or videos, and leave the rest to us to complete.
High quality components
We implement a qualified supplier system and strictly control the quality of important components used, so that your electric vehicle charging station equipment can maintain stable quality.
EV Charger support Windows management system and APP
BlueSky's EV Charger supports the Windows management system. OCPP online modification. Mobile app. Search for 'wow charge' in the App Store or Google Play, download

Friendly human-computer interaction, stable quality, and competitive price are qualified EV charger

Exhibition friendly interaction

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