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32A is the output amperes of the AC EV charger. If a customer would like a single phase, then the output will be 7kW,and this model can be used at home, If a customer would like three phases, then the output will be 22kW,this model is usually used in commercial parking lots, condominium areas, public areas, etc

  • RFID card, APP, and Plug&charge.
  • Smart charging  APP
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    What’s the detailed specification of AC EV Charger?

    • RFID/Password/button/Play&charge to start or stop charging process.
    • Dynamic load balance DLB with CT clamp. Can balance output kW between each terminal.
    • Both commercial APP and home APP can be available.“wow-charge/wow-charger” Bluetooth application control.
    • Can set up WIFI via APP.
    • LCD indicator light.
    • Can charge two cars at the same time.
    • CE, ROHS, FCC, ISO certification.
    • Emergency stop.
    • Customized languages(EN/Romanian/Italian/Turkish).
    • Temperature detection protection/short circuit protection/overload,over-voltage,over-current, etc protection.
    • OCPP fully complied(we are a member of OCA).
    • Product Dimension(W*H*D): 500*300*1500mm.
    • Package Dimension(W*H*D): 650*450*1550mm.
    • Weight: 65kg(net)/70kg(gross).

    Bluesky EV Charger China manufacturing factory

    white AC EV charger
    • 7kW, 11kW, 22kW, 43kW
    • 1 charging gun
    black AC EV charger
    • 7kW, 11kW, 22kW, 43kW
    • 1 charging gun
    orange AC EV charger
    • 7kW, 11kW, 22kW, 43kW
    • 1 charging gun
    blue and white color AC EV charger
    • 2*7kW, 2*11kW, 2*22kW, 2*43kW
    • 2 charging guns
    green AC EV charger
    • 2*7kW, 2*11kW, 2*22kW, 2*43kW
    • 2 charging guns
    Blue AC EV charger
    • 2*7kW, 2*11kW, 2*22kW, 2*43kW
    • 2 charging guns

    How to use AC EV charger?

    The material of the enclosure is made of metal sheets, it is more robust than plastic material. Therefore, it can prevent severe weather, strong sunshine, heavy rain, etc. The most important is that it has a light bank on the top, in this way, even if you charge the Electric vehicles in the evening, you don’t need to worry about the black environment around you. The line of the body is designed by our artist based on our customer’s requirements. We can do OEM & ODM service for you as per your demand.
    People may also concern about the payment method of the charging station. On our side, we have four solutions for you now.

    1. Use our RFID card payment system: you need to prepaid money to this card first for your customer, and then charge from your customer offline in any method you like.
    2. Use credit card payment: customers need to ask POS machine sample and send it to us, and also need to provide API protocol from their bank.
    3. Use BLUESKY commercial APP: if the customer has their own APP, then we can provide OCPP1.6 Json protocol for them to do integration; if the customer doesn’t have their own APP, then we need our customer to provide the APP’s API protocol for us to develop.
    4. Use NFC payment: this method is similar to an RFID card, NFC card is equivalent to simulating the mobile phone into an RFID card to the card reader, as long as the two parts agree to support interoperability.
    The method which involved API protocol needs some time to develop. Do not worry that we have our own R&D team who will cooperate with you and try our best to solve everything you concern.

    More details:

    • How to Upgrade the OCPP  of Bluesky EV Charger >Video
    • PEN fault protection device >Video
    • EV charger load balancing >Video
    CDZ-B video

    We are committed to developing and manufacturing efficient electric vehicle chargers

    Blanking of Fuel Station refilling equipment
    Shell processing
    The first sheet metal process is laser cutting. According to the drawings designed by the engineer, the whole sheet metal is drilled or cut
    Automatic bending machine
    Bending processing
    Use advanced four side automatic Press brake to bend the cut sheet metal
    Welding for Fuel Station refilling equipment
    Welding process
    Weld and process various sheet metal parts to complete various structural shapes
    Spraying of Fuel Station refilling equipment
    Surface treatment
    The surface of sheet metal parts is electrostatically sprayed with plastic, and the logo and pattern are customized using printing or screen printing processes
    Chip soldering
    Circuit board welding
    Electronic components undergo strict screening and use automatic chip mounting and reflow soldering technology to maintain high quality circuit boards
    Charging station workshop
    Complete machine assembly
    Assemble all components according to the process, including electrical system wiring
    Testing for Fuel Station refilling equipment
    Inspection and testing
    Use special equipment and instruments to conduct performance test on EV Charger, and test the electromagnetic compatibility, high and low temperature, electrification aging, waterproof, etc. of the project package.
    EV charger Packing
    Packaging and warehousing
    After the product passes the inspection, it is packaged in cardboard or wooden boxes and stored for shipment

    Bluesky committed to developing and manufacturing efficient EV chargers

    How to install AC EV Charger?

    First, you need to find an electrician to arrange the wires for you.

    We have the wire specification sheet for you to check. And we also will provide an installation user manual with detailed drawings and descriptions for you to check. It is really easy to install EV Charger 32A. For example, if you would like to install a three-phase 32A outside, then you need a 5x6mm2 Cable section.

    And about the transformer, you need also to choose it. For example, if you would like to install 10 units of 22kw AC charger, then 10*22=220KW you need,

    and our charging pile’s efficiency is 94%, and 20% room needs to be reserved, then 220/0.94/0.2=1170KVA,

    so according to our suggestion, you could choose a 1250KVA transformer at your site.

    How about after-sales service EV Charger?

    For warranty, we have 2 years. And during the warranty period, we will provide timely responses on WhatsApp/WeChat even though we will have a big time lag. And we will also provide components/spare parts for you freely, and we will also bear all the shipping costs to your address.

    If you concern about the time waste, then we will provide you with the vulnerable spare parts, such as the 32A EV Charging gun/connector, PCB board, etc along with the whole charger when you get chargers from us. However, you do not need to worry about the performance of our 32A EV Charger, there just have a tiny possibility for them to fault. And if the quantity you get is big enough, then we will send our engineers to your site to assist you with technical problems.

    The good news is that we will build up an after-sales point in Portugal. In this way, we will serve our customers around Europe more timely and professionally.
    Even after 2 years, we can also provide you best online guidance, we will provide the best service for all our customers to satisfy all your demands!

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