Application of Smart Charging of OCPP

OCPP is the communication protocol used to connect charging piles and management platforms. Nowadays, people have higher and higher demands for quality and service. Simple remote monitoring can no longer satisfy many operators. Major operators will need more remote management methods. At this point, OCPP naturally includes this aspect. Our company has also completed this part of the content this year to satisfy major operators. In this article, I will introduce one of the commands, Smart Charging.


Smart Charging’s SetChargingProfile is used to issue commands for charging plans. According to different needs,

it can also issue two types of power “W” and current “A” to limit the output of the charging pile.

You can limit the execution time period, to either weekly or daily. The “chargingProfilePurpose” parameter in SetChargingProfile can be used to issue a complete solution,

a single solution, and a modified solution during charging according to the needs.


Smart Charging’s GetCompositeSchedule reads the charging plan implemented by the charging pile within a certain period of time,

making it easy to check and count the output of each charging pile in the station during that period.


The charging plan will become invalid after expiration. If you want to cancel a certain charging plan in advance or cancel the entire plan, you can use ClearChargingProfile to achieve this.

The ultimate goal of Smart Charging is to set up a charging plan for the charging pile and let the charging pile implement this plan. This plan has different implementation conditions and different priorities. It can meet many situations. From my understanding, the most common use of this function is in load balancing. This is because the power limit of the power distribution cabinet in many operator sites is less than the sum of the maximum power of all charging piles in the site. In this case, during peak periods, there may be heavy traffic but not enough charging piles or not all of them can be used. At this time, you can limit the output power of each gun or each pile by issuing Smart Charging’s SetChargingProfile. To slightly increase the charging time so that more vehicles can get the opportunity to charge.

Smart Charging can help operators or managers manage charging remotely. In this environment, this type of function appears in various fields. It is not a rare function, but on the other hand, if you cannot meet this requirement, you may fall behind others. Being eliminated, smart charging and intelligent management will definitely be the future trend and the inevitable result.


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