Are fast and slow charging more popular in China?

BLUESKY slow charging

Fast and slow charging pil which will become mainstream in China? In the United States and some European and American countries, because of the sparse population, basically bought cars will install slow filling piles, and the government will have corresponding subsidies. In China, everyone bought a tram and wanted to install charging piles. Some did not have parking Spaces, and some properties did not allow installation.

Is it true that the future trend of tram charging in China is a large range of fast charging piles and a small number of slow charging piles with conditional installation? Is there a way out of slow filling pile in China?

According to the staff of a charging pile manufacturer, in terms of the actual shipment situation, slow charging should still be slightly better than fast charging, it meets the needs of most people’s normal travel, slowly charging during the day at work in the company site, there is demand at home at night, and there is plenty of time to slowly charge.

In contrast, fast charging, more to meet the needs of a quick stop and quick go, such as taxis, long-distance buses, public equipment cars, and so on.

Therefore, I think one of the remarks on the topic may need to be revised, the future trend of tram charging should be slow charging combined with fast charging, different charging pile types are set in different scenarios, and the market of slow charging in the future is bound to be wider than that of fast charging.

At present, the trend of population decline in China is difficult to reverse, and at the same time, China will become richer and stronger.

Then the rise in per capita garage ownership and better garage power supply should be a predictable corollary.

From this point of view, slow charging should eventually become the mainstream, and fast charging will be used as a supplement to slow charging in the case of long-distance travel or forgetting to charge.

Slow charge 7kw

Slow charge 7kw has become the daily main force of charging piles in the parking lots of homes, schools, office buildings, and other office life, and most people use slow charge piles.

Medium speed 30kw and some equipment upgrades eliminated 60kw in shopping malls, supermarkets, scenic spots, and other parking lots to become the mainstream, shopping malls, scenic spots just full of time, a small amount of 120kw for network car drivers and no home charging and temporary need to quickly replenish the user service.

A large number of 120kw fast-filling piles and even faster super-filling piles are located in highway service areas, near highway exits, and in countries

Ultimately, it depends on which user demand is greater, and the focus of the natural market is not the same.

A large number of places that need to be quickly replenished such as road province and roadside are laid out to provide convenience for fast replenishment of long-distance travel.

The future charging layout must be everywhere to charge, with fixed parking space installed fixed home charging, and non-fixed parking space regardless of speed can be scanned or swiped card, this mode has had practical experience on electric bicycles.

Finally, slow charge + community public slow charge + urban fast charge + pivot point overcharge and power change should be combined to meet the needs of different people.

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