BLUESKY 7kw AC home EV charging stations


1.☆What are 7kw AC home EV charging stations?

7kw AC home EV charging stations are mostly used around the world. At home, people usually can not get 380V input three-phase power supply, what’s more, several brands of EV can not accept three-phase input at 22kw, they can only accept single-phase input at 7kw, 32A. BLUESKY ac home EV charging stations can be compatible with 99% of brands of EVs, such as BYD, Audi, Porsche, Tesla, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, NIO, Volkswagen, Toyota, Honda., etc.

2.☆Whats the detailed specification of  7kw AC home EV charging stations?

  • RFID card/button/Play&charge to start&stop charging sessions.
  • Dynamic load balance (DLB) with CT clamp. The appliances in the house will use the current first, then if there are current remains, the EV will take it.
  • home APP “now charge” Bluetooth application remote control
  • LCD indicator light. Blue-power on, Green-charging, Red-fault.
  • CE, ROHS, FCC, ISO certification
  • Emergency stop
  • Customized languages(Romanian/Italian/Turkish)
  • Temperature detection protection/short circuit protection/overload,over-voltage,over-current, etc protection
  • OCPP fully complied(we are a member of OCA)
  • Product Dimension(W*H*D):330*220*100mm
  • Package Dimension(W*H*D): 650*380*160mm
  • Weight: 7.5kg(net)/8kg(gross)

3.☆How long do I charge my EV at home?

If you get 7kw AC home EV charging stations, then it usually takes about 6-8 hours to charge your Electric vehicle. You can use this formula to calculate by yourselves, usually, the electric vehicle’s battery capacity is around 50-80kwh, then 50kwh/7kw≈for 7 hours, you can leave your EV to be charged at night when you sleep. On the second morning, you can drive your pretty EV to go to work. And you do not need to charge your car every day, just once or twice a week is okay.

4.☆How could I charge my EV at home?

  • You can use an RFID card/APP via Bluetooth to start/stop the charger. RFID card and APP is provided by BLUESKY supplier, we will bind the card for you before delivery. As for the Application, it is developed by our R&D team. You can connect the Bluetooth first, then just click “start” to charge. It is very easy and convenient to operate.


  • If you would like to charge without clicking “start”, you can also set up the “insert start”. In this way, next time, you just need to insert the connector of the 7kw ac charger into your car, then it will start to charging process automatically. This function is very practical for home users. And you can also set up a timer charging method for a specific time to start charging.

home app set up

home app time

  • Now, we also can check the charging record for 10 sessions, and in the future, we can develop it to be more even reach to 100 sessions.
  • The output current can also be adjusted by the user. If you adjusted to 16A, then the output kilowatts will be 3.5kw, and the speed will be slower.
  • We also have developed new functions, that is to set up start charging sessions at a specific time every day, which is equal to a getting up clock. Once you set it, the charging sessions will start at a specific time every day. You do not need to set it up again and again.
  • The configuration for home use just needs the simplest functions. The simple, the better.

5☆How to install 7kw ac home EV charging stations?

It is quite easy to install a wall-mounted ac charger at home.

1)Fasten the wall and wall bracket A with M6 socket head nuts;

2) Fasten the wall bracket B and the charging pile;

3) Install the charger on the wall holder A from above to below and fasten the wall hold B to the wall with an M6 hexagon nut;

4) The anti-theft lock is configured by the customer;

CDZ-U Wall-mounted installation method
CDZ-U Wall-mounted installation method

And we also will provide a 0.5m input single phase 220V cable with a plug that matched the customer’s country to our customer in order to make the installation process the easiest way.

And we will also provide a Position Paper for the customer to locate the point to install.

CDZ-U Pillar installation method
CDZ-U Pillar installation method

We will consider all your concerns before providing a good performance to you. It can also be installed with a pillar/column/stand/pillar in your yard. There can be two options.

There is an installation QR code outside the package box, if you are still confused about the method way, then you could scan the code and do it according to the video, it will clarify clearly for you. We use a simulation animation to show the whole detailed installation process.

  • About the language, we can customize all the languages you want, such as Russian, Romania, German., etc.
  • If you still have something confusing, you can also contact our after-sales team. We can provide a quick response for you online. Actually, the AC charger is very easy to install. It is bear from ease.
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