Bluesky AC EV Charging explained

Does anyone know how to use the Bluesky EV charging pile? Let’s take a look at Bluesky AC EV Charging explained.

AC EV Charging Pile introduction picture


AC charging pile recommended installation steps

1 The first step:

Drill four holes in the concrete floor (the instruction manual will explain the positioning distance) and pre-embed a five-core cable (the height from the concrete pier is 130cm).

Drill four holes in the concrete floor

2 The second step:

To fix the column with expansion bolts and then install the hanging plate to the column Then install another hanging plate on the plastic case of the charger.

hanging board

Hanging board

3 The third step:

To align the hanging plate of the charger with the hanging plate of the column, and apply downward pressure, the AC EV Charging Pile is fixed, and the installation of the AC EV Charging Pile is completed after the completion

Column hanging board

Column hanging board

☆ AC EV charging pile cable connection steps

waterproof plug

Waterproof plug

copper nose

Copper nose

Connecting line

After the AC charging pile is installed, the next step is to connect the cables. First, unscrew the waterproof plug and put the cable into the charger. Second, use a copper nose to complete the head of the five-core cable, and then connect it to L1, L2, L3, N, and PE. Fix the cable tightly with screws. Third, fix the cable with a lock, and fill the gap between the cable and the waterproof plug with fireproof mud.

☆ AC Charging connector

Joint charging standard (American standard and European standard) IEC 62196

American standard1

Voltage(V) Current(A)
250V 10/16/20/32/63


European standard1

Voltage(V) Current(A)
250V 13/16/20/32/63
440V 16/20/32/63

☆ AC charging plug

American Standard plug

American Standard AC Charging car side plug

AC charging car side plug

European standard AC charging car side plug

☆ AC EV Charging pile PCB board introduction

PCB board introduction

☆ Screen function introduction




Finished Page

Finished Page

1. The transaction order number

2. The KWH of charging

3. Charging time

4. Stop reason

☆ AC EV Charging pile connection status detection

connection status detection1

connection status detection2

connection status detection3

☆Local upgrade procedure

After connecting the 485 serial port tool, use Firmware V1.1 software, select the corresponding program, and click to start downloading.

☆ Online upgrade program

Click Update on the platform, select the program version and time to start updating the program. If you are using another platform, you can also use the FTP protocol (text file transfer protocol), also the programs can be updated.

☆ AC EV Charging piles Troubleshooting

When the AC EV charging pile reports an error and emergency stops, you can turn the emergency stop button in the clockwise direction and the fault will disappear.

When the AC EV charging pile reports an error 28 ground fault, you can open the cover of the charging pile and check whether the PE line is reliably connected.

☆ Some other detailed error code

Error code
System_failure_type_Manual = 0x00, // Manual shutdown
System_failure_type_Battery_value = 0x01, // Power value shutdown
System_failure_type_Amount_value = 0x02, // Downtime amount value
System_failure_type_Time_value = 0x03, // Shutdown time value
System_failure_type_Memory_error = 0x04, // Memory error shutdown
System_failure_type_Screen_com_timeout = 0x05, // Screen communication timeout closes
System_failure_type_Leakage = 0x06, // Leakage shutdown
System_failure_type_Temperature = 0x07, // Motherboard temperature shutdown
System_failure_type_Background_timeout = 0x08, // Timeout background
System_failure_type_Charge_timeout = 0x09, // Charging timeout 99h59m59 timeout
System_failure_type_door_switch = 0x0a, // door access switch
System_failure_type_Password_not_set = 0x0b, // Password not set
System_failure_type_W5500_mac_failure = 0x0c, // W5500 mac address failure
System_failure_type_w25q16_failure = 0x0d, // w25q16 not recognized
System_failure_type_automatic_allocation_Meter_Comm_time = 0x0e, // //Automatically assign meter communication timeout
System_failure_Data_error_msxz_bit_H =0x10, //Pile parameter high level error
System_failure_Data_error_msxz_bit_L =0x11, //Low-level error in pile parameters
System_failure_Data_error_Extended_special_settings_bit =0x12, //Extended data error
System_failure_Backup_verification_error_Extended_special_settings_bit =0x13, //Extended data validation error
System_failure_Data_error_Double_error =0x14,//double error
GUN_failure_type_Emergency_stop = 0x20, // sudden turn; emergency stop
GUN_failure_type_Meter_timeout = 0x21, // Instrument timeout
GUN_failure_type_Gun_com = 0x22, //Gun communication //ac001 does not have this error
GUN_failure_type_Grid_fluctuations = 0x23, // Grid fluctuations
GUN_failure_type_Relay_failure = 0x24, // Relay failure
GUN_failure_type_Temp_failure = 0x25, // Temperature fault shutdown
GUN_failure_type_Overcurrent = 0x26, // Overcurrent
GUN_failure_type_GUNTemp_failure = 0x27, // gun too hot
GUN_failure_type_PE_failure = 0x28, // Ground Fault
GUN_failure_type_look_failure = 0x29, // Gunlock failure
GUN_failure_type_Current_distribution_failure = 0x30 // Gun current distribution failed
Stop reason
0x90 Stopped for an unknown reason
0x91 normal; regular
0x92 credit card stop
0x93 remote stop
0x94 offline card stop
0x95 Ordinary card stop
0x96 Swipe the time card to stop
0x97 memory card stopped
0x98 button stop
0x99 The vehicle stopped
0x9A Pull out the gun while charging
0x9B Remote control stop
0x9C The screen passcode has stopped
0x9D Power value off
0x9E Downtime amount
0x9F time value off
0xA0 Low current shutdown
0xA1 Insufficient startup balance and shutdown
0xA2 The charging process stops when the balance is insufficient.
0xA3 Appointment time stops on time card
0xA4 Stopped if the balance of the stored value card is insufficient
0xA5 Draw a gun when starting
0xA6 Password not set
0xA7 emergency stop
0xA8 Memory paving accidental shutdown
0xA9 Screen communication timeout shutdown
0xAA Leakage shutdown
0xAB Motherboard shuts down due to high temperature
0xAC Charging timeout 99^159
0xAD access switch
0xAE Instrument timeout
0xAF Gun communication //ac001 does not have this error
0xB0 Grid fluctuations
0xB1 Relay failure
0xB2 Spray gun relay temperature failure and shutdown
0xB3 Overcurrent
0xB4 The gun is too hot
0xB5 Ground Fault
0xB6 Gunlock failure
0xB7 Gun current distribution failed
0xB8 Power off
0xB9 W5500 mac failure
0xBA Memory recognition failure
0xBB Automatic allocation of meter communication timeout
0xBC soft reset
0xBD hard reset
0xBE Unlock stop
0xBF emergency stop
0xC0 6v stop
0xC1 dead end
0xC2 Screen verification password stopped
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