Bluesky charging pile firmware upgrade methods

There are two commonly used firmware upgrade methods for Bluesky charging piles, which fully cover the firmware upgrade needs of Bluesky charging piles.

If in daily use, the management platform connected to the Bluesky charging pile is used for OTA.

This method does not require management personnel to go to the site and can be controlled remotely.

In another situation, when the charging pile does not support networking, Bluetooth upgrade can be used.

Both methods are wireless upgrades, which avoid the complicated operation of disassembling and assembling charging piles.

1. Use OTA

The latest firmware will be uploaded in a timely manner on the Bluesky charging pile management platform. Firmware types are divided by charging pile models. Each model of charging pile will have multiple firmware versions available for upgrade. The operation of uploading firmware is completed internally by the company. When the user needs to upgrade the firmware, on the premise of ensuring that the charging pile network is stable, select the firmware that needs to be upgraded. After setting the upgrade time, the pile will automatically start upgrading at the specified time. The upgrade During the process, the firmware is downloaded and installed, and the restart and verification after a successful upgrade will be carried out automatically.

Upgrade using OTA

2. Upgrade using Bluetooth

To use the Bluetooth upgrade function, you need to download the APP produced by Bluesky: Wow Charge version 2.2.3 or above. The specific download method and functions of the APP can be found in the Bluesky EV Charging APP article in the Blog. The Bluetooth upgrade function currently only supports Bluesky AC piles. Use APP firmware upgrade, and the upgrade package is also uploaded by internal personnel of the company.

After opening the APP and connecting to Bluetooth, click the firmware upgrade icon. The APP will automatically determine the current program type and version of the pile and use the latest version of that type. If the current pile version is not the latest version, it will prompt that there is new firmware that can be upgraded. Click Upgrade and you will enter the upgrading page. After the upgrade is completed, the installation will begin. After the installation is completed, you will be prompted that the upgrade is complete.

Upgrade using Bluetooth

3. Summary

In addition to the above two firmware upgrade methods, Bluesky charging piles also have wired upgrades and third-party platform upgrades.

Users can contact our company before they need to upgrade the firmware. We will give you the best firmware upgrade solution based on your problems and needs,

including the firmware version and upgrade time. The firmware upgrade function can fix known or newly discovered problems,

including hardware or software failures of charging piles, helping to reduce equipment maintenance needs and improve availability.

It can quickly upgrade new functions to ensure that charging piles maintain The latest state-of-the-art, thereby improving performance and security.

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