Bluesky charging pile open charge point interface

The demand for open charge point interface in charging piles is becoming increasingly obvious.

The rapid development and coverage of charging pile networks make charging electric vehicles more convenient. At the same time, charging piles and related management system companies are springing up like mushrooms after rain. However, some customers have needs for personalized front-end systems. In order to better meet market needs, the open charge point interface is a key function.

The purpose of the open interface is for customers to develop a client with their own characteristics without developing a complex management platform to achieve differentiation of C-side products.

Bluesky charging platform

Let’s briefly understand the open charge point interface of the Bluesky from the following points:

1. Security

Security is a critical and necessary issue for interfaces. Here are a few ways to ensure interface security:

1) Data encryption

Use SSL/TLS protocol to protect data transmission, ensure that data is encrypted during transmission, and prevent third parties from intercepting and stealing information.

The content is encrypted using the AES algorithm. Increase interface security.

Data encryption

2) API key and token

Assign a unique API key to each customer to ensure that only legitimate users access the interface

API key and token

3) Data verification

Verify messages on the interface to ensure message integrity.

2. Request method

The interface uses the HTTP request method. The HTTP protocol is a standard for communicating data on the Internet. Its ease of use and broad support makes it an ideal choice for charging pile interfaces.

Request method

3. Interface scenario

The open charging point interface platform supports a variety of functions to meet customer needs. Here are some common characteristics:

1) Charging pile management terminal

Log in with the account of the operator’s administrator

2) Charging pile user terminal
4. Interface content

The open interface of the charging platform can support a variety of functions to meet customer needs. Here are some common features:

1) User management

Register users and query user-related information through the interface.

2) Query charging equipment

Query the site list, device list, device real-time status, device price plan, etc. through the interface.

3) Start and stop equipment

Through the interface, you can start the device charging, stop charging, and complete settlement. Query the device information and order data of the charging process.

4) Statistics and reporting

Provides statistical functions of charging data to view and analyze users’ charging habits.

Statistics and reporting

The charging platform’s open interface provides customers with the flexibility and control to connect to the charging piles of the Bluesky management system. It can meet the needs of charging pile operators and customize the front-end system. The open interface is also constantly being upgraded to bring customers a better experience and more functions.

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