Bluesky Wow Charger APP

Bluesky Wow Charger APP, With the booming development of new energy vehicles, home charging piles have become the choice of more and more families. The convenience and versatility of these smart chargers are crucial to modern life.

Bluetooth connection: intelligent charging experience

With built-in Bluetooth technology, you can achieve the following functions:

1. Connect to Bluetooth: Users can easily connect to home charging piles through the Bluetooth function of Wow Charger, without complicated setup steps, making charging easier.

2. Get the status of the charging pile: Wow Charger’s Bluetooth connection allows users to monitor the status of the charging pile in real time, including charging progress, battery status, etc.,

3. Set pile parameters: Wow Charger also provides a series of pile parameter setting options. Users can customize button start, gun start, current size, pile language, synchronization time, modify Bluetooth connection password, etc. to meet individual needs.

Background settings: intelligently customize your charging experience

Wow Charger’s background settings feature allows users to further optimize the charging experience based on their needs and preferences. This includes:

  1. Background switch: Users can flexibly control background operations to ensure that the charging process is not interrupted.
  2. Protocol mode: Wow Charger supports different protocol modes to adapt to different charging needs.
  3. Networking method: Users can choose the appropriate networking method to ensure a smooth connection between the charging pile and the Internet.
  4. Connection method: Users can choose an IP or domain name as the connection method to meet different network environments.
  5. Encryption switch: To ensure the privacy and security of data, users can easily turn on or off the encryption function.
  6. Account information: Wow Charger allows users to set account information to ensure the accuracy of charging records.
  7. Ethernet switch: Users can choose whether to use an Ethernet connection to meet different network needs.
  8. IP/domain name address, port, and path configuration: Further customize network settings to meet the requirements of different network environments.

System parameters and extended functions: more customization options

Wow Charger also provides a range of system parameters and extended functions to meet various user needs. This includes functions such as ground detection switch, low current detection switch, date format, dynamic load switch, background protocol, total load current, meter protocol, and external meter baud rate.

Extended settings

System settings                                                   Extended settings

Wow Charger’s Bluetooth connection and rich setting options provide users with an intelligent and convenient charging experience. Whether you are an owner of a new energy vehicle or a user of a charging pile, Wow Charger will bring you unparalleled convenience and customization options, opening a new chapter for the future of smart charging. Through the Bluesky Wow Charger APP, explore a new dimension of charging and enjoy the infinite possibilities of smart charging!

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