Bluesky’s Dragon Boat Festival Celebration in 2024

The Dragon Boat Festival is coming soon. The Bluesky company held a colorful Dragon Boat Festival event. This event is not only to commemorate Qu Yuan but also to let employees feel the joy of the festival after work and spend an unforgettable Dragon Boat Festival together!

The fragrance of Zongzi overflows: Celebrate the festival together

At the beginning of the event, everyone sat together and enjoyed the company’s carefully prepared Zongzi, fruits, and buffet food. While sharing the delicious food, they also felt the strong festive atmosphere.

The fragrance of Zongzi overflows

Painted Egg Fun: Unlimited Creativity

Each employee will have an unpainted egg. Within the specified time, employees can freely use their creativity to draw various patterns and graphics on the eggs with watercolor pens. Some are painted with cute cartoon images, and some are painted with traditional patterns with beautiful meanings. In this activity, seeing a side that is not usually seen at work enhances mutual understanding.

Painted Egg Fun

Egg Crashing Competition: Continuous Laughter

The most exciting egg-crashing activity brought the entire celebration to a climax. Employees were divided into groups to compete in egg-crashing competitions. Each group of members held eggs and competed fiercely. During the competition, everyone cheered and the atmosphere was warm. In the end, the production department won the title of “Egg King”, won the competition, and won the honor for the team.

Egg Crashing Competition

After the event, the company also prepared holiday gifts for each employee, so that employees could feel the care and warmth of the company while celebrating the festival.

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