Can a person sit in an electric car while it’s charging?

The high-temperature season also puts a lot of pressure on the use of new energy vehicles, especially power batteries.

The high-temperature weather of 40°C will not only affect the actual battery life but also make people worry:

“Can people be in the car while charging?”

What should be paid attention to when charging in summer?

1. Can the air conditioner be turned on when the car is charging

It is possible but not recommended to turn on the air conditioner. For most new energy car owners, the biggest concern when charging in summer is undoubted:

“Can I stay in the car while charging?”

Many car companies have given a clear answer in their manuals: not recommended. The reason is also very simple:

The ambient temperature has an important impact on the performance of the power battery. The temperature in summer is already high, and high-power charging will further increase the temperature of the power battery. At this time, if you use air conditioners and other in-vehicle appliances, the charging time will be further prolonged and the battery’s thermal runaway will be increased. risk. Just like when we use a mobile phone, the mobile phone will be hot when it is charging. If the mobile phone is used frequently at this time, the temperature will rise further and even freeze.

Therefore, although the vehicle has a built-in BMS system and the charging pile itself has functions such as over-temperature protection, from a safety point of view, it is recommended that you separate the vehicle from the vehicle when charging to avoid unnecessary danger.

2. Choose a suitable charging location and charging time

The reason why everyone chooses to turn on the air conditioner while charging is, in the final analysis, because the weather is too hot. So, in the face of high temperatures in summer, do we have any better solutions?

The method is very simple, just choose the appropriate charging time and charging location. First of all, when you perform “fast charging” outside, you can give priority to choosing an indoor charging station. If it is an outdoor charging station, try to choose a station with a canopy or a special lounge. At the same time, in terms of charging time, try to avoid the time when the sun is strongest during the day.

Charging station with canopy

3. Charging in summer, pay attention to the following two aspects

Of course, in addition to giving preference to indoor or outdoor stations with carports and lounges, in summer, when charging at public stations, you need to pay attention to the following two aspects:

①Choose a place with higher terrain to charge. In addition to high temperature in summer, there are severe weather such as typhoon and heavy rain. Therefore, try to avoid charging in low-lying places to avoid problems such as battery failure and metal parts rusting after the vehicle is soaked in stagnant water after heavy rain.

②Do not charge immediately after the vehicle is turned off. As mentioned above, during the driving and charging process of the vehicle, the temperature of the power battery will rise. If it is charged immediately after turning off the engine in a high-temperature environment, the internal temperature of the battery may rise faster, and then problems such as battery thermal runaway will occur. Therefore, the vehicle should be left standing for a period of time and wait for the power battery to fully dissipate heat before charging.

Combine fast and slow charge

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