Can EV Charging Piles be installed in petrol car parking spaces?

☆Nowadays, more and more car owners own new energy vehicles, so the issue of how to ensure their safe and convenient EV Charging pile is urgent. In particular, the orderly management of EV Charging piles at home has become the aspiration of many car owners.

Charging pile parking spaces

Next, let’s take a look at a case:

☆Lin Yi and Lin have a father-son relationship. His father, Lin Yi, signed a lease agreement with the property company for a petrol truck parking space in the hospital. His son Lin signed a new energy vehicle parking space rental agreement outside the hospital and an electric vehicle charging pile equipment use agreement with the property company.

☆However, because the new energy vehicles outside the hospital are relatively far away, the son Lin did not install the EV Charging pile during the rental period and did not renew the lease. Later, Lin parked his new energy vehicle in the oil truck parking space and asked the property company to install EV Charging pile equipment in his oil truck parking space.

☆However, the property management company believes that considering the safety of EV Charging pile equipment and the capacity of the transformer, the property management company has taken action to designate an area specifically for EV Charging pile new energy vehicles. Therefore, it is prohibited to install an EV Charging pile in the parking spaces of oil trucks in the courtyard.

☆After inspection, it was found that there is a relatively wide parking space for new energy vehicles outside the hospital, and there are many parking spaces with electric vehicle charging piles installed. The overall density is also much sparser than inside the hospital. The property also installed a transformer specifically for it, thereby increasing its capacity. also increased. To facilitate the entry and exit of the owners, the community also has a walking trail for the owners to enter and exit.

☆The property provides convenience to owners of new energy vehicles and helps protect the surrounding ecological environment. The principle of community property management is to give top priority to ecological protection and safety, and coordinate and rationally arrange resources. Regarding the above-mentioned issue of installing EV Charging piles in oil truck parking spaces, management should consider maximizing benefits and minimizing harm to weigh the pros and cons and better mobilize all limited resources.

☆The property management company separates new energy sources not far from residents’ living areas, which can ensure residents’ safety and protect the ecological environment. However, He only requested the installation of an EV Charging pile in the courtyard because the petrol truck parking spaces in the courtyard are closer to his home. This behavior will inevitably bring difficulties to property management, and will also increase the number of owners who choose to rent petrol truck parking spaces and fail to fully use the EV Charging pile. condition of the equipment. If this continues for a long time, it will do more harm than good, so this request should be rejected.

☆The content of green principles includes the two major directions of saving resources and protecting the ecological environment. Saving resources means efficiently utilizing all limited resources to minimize costs and maximize benefits. When civil subjects engage in civil activities, they should give full play to the effectiveness of all resources and make unlimited use of all resources, thereby realizing the protection of the ecological environment.

☆In the application scenario of community EV Charging pile, creating a safe, convenient, and comfortable new energy parking space management scenario is the common hope of every new energy car owner.

☆The installation and operation of new energy EV Charging piles in communities must first consider green and safety issues and achieve comprehensive coordination and coordination, thereby improving the efficiency of new energy EV Charging pile parking spaces.

RFID card/Plug and Play/APP

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