Charging pile program remote upgrade

Recently, many customers have wanted to know how to operate the remote upgrade of the Bluesky charging pile program. After a period of sorting out, to ensure that customers can understand it, a simple step-by-step operation was made for customers to view and operate. Let’s take a look at how to remotely upgrade the charging pile program!

1. First log in to the Blue Sky company cloud platform and use the account password provided by Blue Sky.

Blue Sky company cloud

2. Check the program version number of the charging pile again

Program version number

3. Use Pile_inf software to modify the URL parameters and connect the charger to the platform.

Modify URL parameters

4. Click Edit and select the matching model.

Choose a matching model

5. Click Update, select Program, and then select Time. It is recommended to update during a time when no one is charging.

Click Update and select Program

6. Find the charger ID being upgraded and click Available. You can see that the program is downloading. You need to wait an hour for the upgrade to complete.

Find the charger ID being upgraded and click Available

7. After the upgrade is successful, the platform will see successful information uploaded from the charger, which means the program upgrade is successful.

The above is the entire process of the charging pile remote upgrade program. After the upgrade is completed, you can also look at the digital version number on the screen. Generally, the numbers will change after the upgrade is successful.

The above are the simple upgrade steps. If you don’t understand it, you can consult here and Bluesky will answer your questions and help you solve the problem.

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