Charging station construction process

1. Overview

The rapid development of the electric vehicle market is inseparable from the support of charging infrastructure.

The construction of charging stations is an important link in the development of the electric vehicle industry,

and it is also an important means to promote green travel and achieve sustainable development.

The construction of charging stations not only meets the needs of electric vehicle charging but also provides a new way for energy conversion and utilization.

Therefore, the construction of charging stations is of great significance for solving the charging problem of electric vehicles,

improving user experience, promoting the development of the new energy vehicle industry, and promoting energy transformation.

2. Main process reference of charging station construction

Investment budget—looking for a site—implementation of site leasing details—finding a pile company or construction party—charging station planning—signing a site contract—recording with the Development and Reform Bureau—signing a contract with the construction party and pile company—starting construction and building the station.

Charging station construction process

3. Detailed process reference for charging station construction

(1) Investment budget

Shared site rental costs, the construction of a charging parking space is about 50,000 yuan (including charging piles, box transformers, cables, construction, canopy, etc.),

for example, a charging station has 14 charging parking spaces (7 sets of 120kw double guns, 800KVA) box change),

about 700,000 yuan is needed. The specific cost is calculated according to the specific project.

(2) Find a suitable workbench

A place where rental taxis and online car-hailing frequently appear.

(3) Implementation of site lease details

Confirm the lease price, period, and other details with the venue location.

4. Charging station planning

Determine the number and location of charging parking spaces with pile companies or construction parties;

the capacity, quantity, and location of transformers; the amount, quantity, and location of charging piles;

5. Registered company

(1) The company’s business scope should include: electric vehicle charging infrastructure operation

(2) Customers who have other business simulations can directly transport the “electric vehicle charging infrastructure” as appropriate

It is enough to increase the scope of business.

6. Sign the on-site contract

Sign the venue lease contract. It is suggested that the contract stipulates that if the roof of the charging station construction station does not pass, the contract is invalid.

7. Filing with the National Development and Reform Bureau

(1) Most cities have registered with the Development and Reform Bureau;

if your city is not, please consult the local Development and Reform Bureau or supply.

Electricity Bureau; some cities do not need to file for approval.

(2) Filing requires operating company information, legal person information, etc.

(3) Site lease contract, land ownership certificate, etc. are required for filing.

(4) The filing requires the detailed address of the station, the specification and quantity of charging piles, and the cost planning.

8. The power sector applies to the power supply

(1) Bring relevant site land certificates, filing certificates, etc.

(2) Apply for electricity according to the installed power.

(3) The power supply bureau will provide the corresponding power supply scheme and construction cost according to the demand.

Note: This step can be assisted by the construction party.

9. Construction acceptance

(1) The construction party starts to build the station.

(2) The completion of the construction shall be checked and accepted by the power department.

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