Common faults of charging piles

If the charging pile is used for a long time, some problems will occur. After all, the components will also age during use. Common faults in charging piles include DC high-voltage contactor failure, relay failure, fan failure, and module failure.

1. DC high voltage contactor failure

The DC high-voltage contactor needs to be closed when the charging pile is outputting to the gun. It needs to be closed every time it is charged, so it is used frequently, and the voltage passing through it is high voltage. If the wire is not tightened, it will easily cause damage to the device. Generally, if this device is broken, the charging pile will report an error such as sudden movement of the DC contactor during charging (depending on the actual situation). The damage to this device can only be repaired by replacing the DC high-voltage contactor. The repair process is also very simple. Remove the copper plate on its terminal, remove the control line and feedback line, and put the new one back as it is.

DC high voltage contactor failure

2. Relay failure

The relay is also a wearing part. Its working principle is to control the switching of some things through a voltage given to it by the board. If used for a long time, the relay will not pull in, or the copper sheets inside will stick together. This device is mostly used for the power supply of BMS. If it is broken, a message timeout will be reported during charging. It’s easier to replace this device if it breaks, just remove it and plug it in again.

Relay failure

3. Fan failure

Fan damage is also relatively common because the fan keeps rotating as the pile moves. Over time, the components of the fan will age, which can easily cause fan failure. There are two situations when the fan cannot rotate when the power supply is normal. One is that the fan is damaged internally, such as its bearings are rusted. Another possibility is that his starting capacitor is broken. If the fan is broken, it will be more troublesome to replace it. It needs to be disassembled and replaced, which requires a lot of work. If the starting capacitor is broken, it will be easier to replace it.

Fan failure

4. Module failure

Module failure is also very common. It is the core component of the charging pile output. Its damage will cause the charging pile power to decrease and charging to slow down. Generally, as long as the charging current is observed to be smaller than usual, it is ruled out that it is a problem with the car itself, and the most likely reason is that the module is broken. Even if the module is broken, it is easy to replace. You only need to loosen the fixing screws on both sides and plug in and out directly. It also supports hot swapping, which is very convenient and fast.

Module failure

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