DC Fast EV Charger Manufacturers and Suppliers

The DC fast charger can be equipped with various charging connectors, such as CHAdeMO and CCS . The 7-inch touch display can provide real-time information, such as displaying charging status, charging capacity, charging time, etc.

  • Support home version or commercial version of mobile APP
  • DC, AC hybrid charging mode
  • Single charger or multi- chargers group charging mode
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    Advantages of DC Fast EV Charger

    DC charger has high power and faster charging speed, Because of its high power output, which typically ranges from 60 kW to over 360 kW, multiple vehicles can be charged at the same time without affecting the charging speed of each vehicle. So it is suitable for public charging stations, such as highways, commercial centers, parking lots, etc., to provide convenience for users who need fast charging.

    Professional and efficient charging pile manufacturer

    dc fast charger 1 gun
    • 1 Charging gun (DC)
    dc fast charger 2 gun
    • 2 Charging gun (DC+AC)
    dc fast charger 3 gun
    • 3 Charging gun (DC+DC+AC)

    Trusted charging station equipment come from Bluesky

    In Bluesky, we focus on research, development, design and manufacturing of Charging station products. Our sheet metal processing technology is advanced, the electrical control system design is reasonable, and the manufacturing is standardized. Through continuous internal optimization to improve production efficiency, we are dedicated to providing B-end customers with electric vehicle Charging station with stable performance and competitive price.


    How to install DC fast EV charger?


    How to use DC fast EV charger?


    How to clean the filter board?



    More details:

    • How to upgrade the OCPP >Video
    • How does  update OCPP software? >Video
    DC fast charger video

    How does Bluesky produce qualified EV chargers?

    Blanking of Fuel Station refilling equipment
    Shell processing
    Using high-quality steel plates and using laser cutting machines for cutting and processing, various specifications of windows are completed
    Automatic bending machine
    Bending processing
    Use advanced four side automatic Press brake to bend the cut sheet metal
    Welding for Fuel Station refilling equipment
    Welding process
    Weld and process various sheet metal parts to complete various structural shapes
    Spraying of Fuel Station refilling equipment
    Surface treatment
    The surface of sheet metal parts is electrostatically sprayed with plastic, and the logo and pattern are customized using printing or screen printing processes
    Chip soldering
    Circuit board welding
    The design and manufacturing of electronic control systems are our strengths, and our team has over 20 years of experience
    Charging station workshop
    Complete machine assembly
    Assemble all components according to the process, including electrical system wiring
    Testing for Fuel Station refilling equipment
    Inspection and testing
    Use special equipment and instruments to conduct performance test on EV Charger, and test the electromagnetic compatibility, high and low temperature, electrification aging, waterproof, etc. of the project package.
    EV charger Packing
    Packaging and warehousing
    After the product passes the inspection, it is packaged in cardboard or wooden boxes and stored for shipment

    BlueSky Electric Vehicle Chargers are Used in Over 20 Countries Worldwide

    1. How to answer your questions and provide a quote?

    Please leave a message on the website or send us an email. After we receive your message, a professional sales manager will answer your question. If there are important or urgent matters, you can also immediately call our director at the phone number below the website.

    2. Can I come to China to visit your factory?

    Yes, welcome. If you are not in China, we can send an invitation letter to assist you throughout the journey. China is one of the safest countries in the world, and we welcome your arrival!

    3. I want to become a Charging station dealer. How can I help?

    We are very happy for you to become a Bluesky product distributor. Distributors can receive the Bluesky Protection Program and achieve a win-win cooperation!

    4. I need to invest in the construction of an electric vehicle charging station. What should I do?

    The electric vehicle market will continue to grow quickly in the future The prospect of investing in charging stations is still bright.

    But in different countries and regions, local laws and permits are also involved, so before the project starts, you must conduct sufficient market research and formulate a detailed business plan to ensure that your investment is wise and successful.

    In terms of technology and equipment, Bluesky can provide high quality charging pipes and operation management software, and we have sufficient expertise in equipment and system maintenance.

    If you have product requirements, please feel free to contact us at any time. We are pleased to discuss any issues or concerns you may have.

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