Electric car

Bluesky is the largest network electric car 4S shop agent in Wenzhou, China

We have formal channels to export electric car to any country in the world.

Our advantage: enable you to buy popular electric car with more price advantages than your local.

We recommend you 4 hot selling electric cars from BYD, Honda, Volkswagen

electric car

How to buy an electric car from a Chinese dealer?

1. First you have to choose a reliable EV dealer. Bluesky has an online electric vehicle 4S store in China, acting as an agent for the export of electric vehicles.
Once you find an electric car you are interested in, you can find detailed information or prices on their official website or local dealers.

2. Contact the agent and make an inquiry, communicate with the agent using contact methods such as email, telephone or online inquiry form. Ask questions about models, prices, configurations, payment methods, international shipping, tariffs, and more.

3. Contract and payment: If you and the agent agree on a price and terms, they may offer you a car purchase contract or related agreement. And according to the requirements of the contract, you need to pay for the car as agreed.

4. International shipping and customs clearance: After completing the payment, the agent will arrange to ship the vehicle to your country. This involves international shipping and customs clearance. You may need to work with an agent to ensure that all necessary paperwork and formalities are taken care of.

5. Domestic registration and on-road procedures: After the vehicle arrives in your country, you may need to complete domestic registration and on-road procedures.

Please note that during the car buying process, maintain full communication with the agent to ensure that all details are properly handled to avoid any unnecessary problems.

Experience the charm of electric vehicles

BYD Seagull Series

BYD Seagull 1

BYD Seagull 2

BYD Seagull 3

For more detailed specifications and parameters, please click BYD’s official website

Deep Driving Experience with BYD Seagull

Honda  E: NS1

Honda E:NS1


Honda EV car E:NS1

For more detailed specifications and parameters, please click dongfeng-honda official website

Volkswagen  ID.6 CROZZ

Volkswagen ID.6 CROZZ



For detailed specifications and parameters, please click on the faw-vw official website

Volkswagen  ID.4 CROZZ

Volkswagen  ID.4 CROZZ


D.4 CROZZ EV car

For detailed specifications and parameters, please click on the faw-vw official website

Detailed parameters of electric car:   Electric car

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