Electricity charges for new energy vehicle charging piles start to rise in China

New energy vehicle charging pile fees began to rise, and electricity can catch up with the cost of oil.

For the recent rise in the cost of new energy vehicle charging piles, many netizens have spoken.

A Shandong netizen analysis: It is impossible to exceed, even if it is many years later

1. China is hitting the threshold of new energy technologies to ensure domestic leadership, so it will not kill new energy with a hammer

2. Various third parties and third-party charging platforms for new energy vehicles charge their own prices, and the ultra-high-speed charging price is bound to rise.

3. Household electricity will be guaranteed, and electricity prices will not rise in order to provide electricity for most people.

A Guangdong netizen analysis: unlikely, the advantage of new energy vehicles is the low cost of energy saving and environmental protection, if the electricity bill exceeds the cost of oil, this is regressive, and the market will eliminate new energy vehicles, think about it should be unlikely.

charging pile


1. The nature of business is the relationship between supply and demand, when demand exceeds supply, it will rise in price. When supply exceeds demand, it cuts prices.

2. In any industrial chain, consumers are the ones who pay the bill, while producers are the service providers. Everyone in this chain has to feed their families. Where will the cost come from? From end consumers, of course. This is why the wool comes out of the sheep. Therefore, the price of the charging pile is inevitable.

As for whether the electricity price will exceed the oil price, I think it is possible and it also needs to be divided into regions,

such as the developed cities in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen,

its price level is already relatively high, so its electricity generation cost is also relatively high. And like some third – and fourth-line small cities,

there are not many people with charging piles, and the population density is not much, so the price of charging piles will lose the market.

As for people saying that the price of electricity exceeds the price of oil,

then we can’t afford to use electricity? Here you have to distinguish between commercial electricity and residential electricity.

The cost of commercial electricity is much higher than that of residential electricity, which is itself mainly commercial.

As I said earlier, the essence of business is the relationship between supply and demand,

and its electricity price can rise indefinitely, just like the oil price, from the initial more than two yuan has been rising and rising, rising to the current nine and ten yuan.


For the major netizens, it can be seen that the rise in the cost of new energy vehicle charging piles is indeed a real problem, but it is too early to say that electricity will catch up with oil costs.

1. The rising cost of charging piles is mainly due to the imbalance between supply and demand caused by the rapid development of new energy vehicles and the increase in market demand.

With the increasing popularity of new energy vehicles, the demand for charging piles is also increasing,

and the follow-up speed of the supply side is relatively slow, resulting in the rise of charging pile costs.

However, as the popularity of charging piles gradually increases, the balance between supply and demand may gradually recover and the cost of charging piles may stabilize.

2. There are a number of factors to consider when electricity bills catch up with gas bills. At present, electricity is indeed a more economical option than gas. According to statistics,

the cost per 100 kilometers of new energy vehicles is about one-third of that of traditional fuel vehicles.

Therefore, in the long run, the advantages of electricity bills over oil bills are obvious.

New energy vehicle charging

However, to say that electricity costs will catch up with oil costs, we also need to take into account the development of the power industry and changes in electricity prices. Including energy supply, policy support, technological progress, and so on. If the power sector can be further developed to increase supply capacity, while electricity prices can remain relatively stable, then electricity is expected to overtake oil in the future. But it will take time and effort from all sides.

In general, the rise in the cost of charging piles for new energy vehicles is a temporary problem, and there are a number of factors that need to be considered to catch up with the cost of electricity.

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