Enjoy convenient payment with the PAX POS machine

PAX POS machine is perfectly integrated with the EV Charger to enjoy convenient payment.

As a manufacturer and seller of EV chargers, Bluesky is committed to continuously improving the user experience and making the charging process more intelligent and convenient.

More and more of our customers are asking: Can we make charging easier?

Now, we are happy to answer our customers: Yes! Our latest innovation – the integration payment between Bluesky EV charger and PAX POS machine can provide you with a more convenient, secure, and efficient payment experience.

Why do we say that?

1. Integrated payment experience

The integration of the Bluesky EV charger with the PAX POS machine closely connects the payment and charging process to achieve integrated management.

Users only need to use a bank card, mobile phone APP, or other supported payment methods to complete the payment and start charging. This eliminates the complex steps and makes the charging process faster and smoother.

2. Multiple payment options

In addition to credit card payment, we also support a variety of payment methods, such as Google Pay, Apple Pay, Iwatch Pay, NFC Apple Pay, etc.
Users can choose the payment method that is most in line with their personal habits and convenient, and truly diversify to meet the needs of different users.

Multiple payment options

3. Safe and reliable

We understand that payment security is of great importance to our users,

and the PAX POS machine uses the most advanced encryption technology to ensure that users’ payment information is most closely protected.

The communication between the EV charger and the POS machine is also strictly encrypted to ensure the data security of users in the process of use.

4. Flexibly adapt to different scenarios

IM30 is suitable for our DC EV Charger, and IM700 is suitable for our AC EV Charger. Our design takes into account the different needs in different scenarios.

Whether in commercial areas, parking lots, or community charging stations,

our products can be flexibly adapted to provide users with a highly personalized payment experience.


All in all, the integrated payment of Bluesky EV Charger and PAX POS machine brings users a more convenient, safe, and efficient payment experience.
We believe that through continuous innovation, we can create a more intelligent and user-friendly charging experience for users.

Bluesky’s EV Charger with POS payment

Wenzhou Bluesky Energy Technology Co., Ltd has been a professional in manufacturing EV chargers for nearly 5+ years. As a top-ranking company in the EV charger industry,

we have sold to 55+ countries and regions. We are committed to improving the charging experience of our users. Now, we already have two models that can be used for POS payment.

Bluesky CDZ-B AC EV Charger with IM700
Bluesky CDZ-B AC EV Charger with IM700
Bluesky CDZ-A DC EV Charger with IM30
Bluesky CDZ-A DC EV Charger with IM30

For more details, please visit our official website or Alibaba store. Also, you can check out more information on Facebook or YouTube.

Thank all our customers for their attention and support of our products, we will continue to work hard to provide you with better services and products.

EV Charging stations with POS, RFID, and QR code payment


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