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Bluesky’s 55-inch multi-functional large-screen digital advertising screen EV charger provides an innovative model for commercial areas. It not only meets consumers’ needs for information and entertainment during charging, but also helps companies and operators realize advertising revenue, providing more possibilities for commercial marketing and services in the digital age.

  • Advertising screen supports Android operating system
  • Support remote update of playback content
  • Supports OCPP1.6 J
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    Advantages of EV Charging Advertising

    The large-screen digital advertising screen charging pile combines the characteristics of charging facilities and digital advertising screens, and it is suitable for high-traffic areas such as business districts, shopping centers, airports, and stations.

    The main function:
    Charging service: Large-screen digital advertising screen charging piles provide fast charging services for electric vehicles.
    Advertising content: Display various advertising content through 1920X1080 high-resolution display effect, which can convey product information to more potential customers and improve product exposure and conversion rate. At the same time, paid playback can also increase revenue for operators.

    Optimize user experience:
    Infotainment: While waiting for charging, users can watch various interesting advertisements, news, videos or other content on the large-screen digital advertising screen, making the charging process more enjoyable and relaxing, and reducing anxiety and waiting time.
    Charging process information: The large-screen digital advertising screen can display the real-time charging status of the charging pile, allowing users to understand the charging progress and increasing users’ confidence in the charging process.

    Intelligent monitoring and operation:
    Data monitoring: The intelligent monitoring system can monitor the operating status of charging piles, charging capacity and other data in real time, which is convenient for operators to manage equipment and optimize performance.
    Remote control: Through the remote control system, operators can update the content and adjust the operation of digital advertisements to realize remote management and optimize operations.

    Advertising content: The advertising content of the digital advertising screen charging pile can be customized according to customer needs to meet the publicity and promotion needs of different advertisers.
    Charging pile: The appearance and color of the charging pile can also be customized according to the customer’s brand image and site requirements, so that it can better integrate into different business environments.

    Charging and Advertising All-In-One Machine

    EV Charging Advertising 1
    • 1 Charging gun
    • 60kW
    EV Charging Advertising 2
    • 2 Charging gun
    • 120kW

    Charging pile with great commercial value comes from Bluesky

    Standard features:

    Working power supply: 3-phase 5-wire system

    Standard factory charging gun wire length: 5m

    Usage: RFID card/APP

    Touch screen specification: 7 inches

    The panel is equipped with an emergency stop switch

    Supports OCPP 1.6 J

    Specification (WXHXD): 1010*760*1860 mm

    How to use DC EV charger?


    Bluesky factory production site:


    More details:

    • How to Upgrade the OCPP  >Video
    • How does DC EV charger update OCPP software? >Video
    EV Charger With Advertising Display video

    We have been working hard for the pursuit of high-quality products

    Blanking of Fuel Station refilling equipment
    Shell processing
    Using high-quality steel plates and using laser cutting machines for cutting and processing, various specifications of windows are completed
    Automatic bending machine
    Bending processing
    Use advanced four side automatic Press brake to bend the cut sheet metal
    Welding for Fuel Station refilling equipment
    Welding process
    Weld and process various sheet metal parts to complete various structural shapes
    Spraying of Fuel Station refilling equipment
    Surface treatment
    The surface of sheet metal parts is electrostatically sprayed with plastic, and the logo and pattern are customized using printing or screen printing processes
    Chip soldering
    Circuit board welding
    Electronic components undergo strict screening and use automatic chip mounting and reflow soldering technology to maintain high quality circuit boards
    Charging station workshop
    Complete machine assembly
    Assemble all components according to the process, including electrical system wiring
    Testing for Fuel Station refilling equipment
    Inspection and testing
    Use special equipment and instruments to conduct performance test on Charging station, and test the electromagnetic compatibility, high and low temperature, electrification aging, waterproof, etc. of the project package.
    EV charger Packing
    Packaging and warehousing
    After the product passes the inspection, it is packaged in cardboard or wooden boxes and stored for shipment

    We Focus On The Future Development Of Electric Vehicles and Are Committed To Manufacturing Efficient EV Chargers

    How To Install DC EV Charger?

    If you are an operator, choosing the location of your premises is critical to the success of your charging station.
    If it is for your own use, as long as it is convenient for electric vehicles to enter and exit.

    1. Power assessment: Before installation, the sum of the power of the EV charger and the power of other electrical equipment should be considered, and sufficient power capacity should be reserved to ensure the safe and stable operation of the power system.

    2. Construction plan: formulate the construction drawings of the DC EV  charger. The content includes detailed information such as infrastructure, power line layout, communication system, etc.

    2.1 Foundation construction: The foundation structure should be solid and reliable, capable of supporting the weight and wind force requirements of the charging pile.

    2.2 Installation: Install the DC EV charger on the foundation and fix it with bolts or welding. Keep the verticality and levelness of the EV charger.

    2.3 Connect to the power system: connect the DC EV charger to the power system. Usually DC charger use three-phase power supply, L1, L2, L3, N and PE.

    2.4 Connecting to the communication system: If the EV charger needs to be connected to the background system, it can be connected with a network cable. Of course, you can also choose wireless connection, such as 4G, WiFi and so on. The background communication system can realize functions such as remote monitoring and debugging.

    3. Test: After the installation is completed, the functional test and safety inspection of the charging pile are required.

    4. Configure signs and instructions: configure signs and signs for EV charger, including charging pile models, power, operating instructions, customer service numbers, etc.

    5. Personnel training: Train operators to ensure that they understand the operating procedures and precautions of charging piles. Enable the charging pile and make it officially put into use.

    6. Regular maintenance: regular maintenance and overhaul of EV charger to keep them in good working condition.

    Please note that the installation of DC EV charger must be carried out by professional electrical engineers or trained technicians. They need to follow relevant installation codes and safety standards. For large or complex charging pile projects, it is best to entrust an experienced power engineering company for design, installation and commissioning.

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