Bluesky EV Charging APP

Bluesky EV charging APP is a mobile application designed for electric vehicle users. It connects to charging piles through smartphones to provide users with convenient charging and payment services.

The home version of “Wow charger” APP has more simplified functions, focusing on the basic needs of users, providing basic charging functions, charging pile status display, and a simple user interface.

The commercial version of “Wow charger” APP, designed for charging station operators, has more functions and customization, such as remote monitoring and management functions, payment, data statistics and analysis functions.

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Home version of “Wow charger” APP                                                                                     Commercial version of “Wow charger” APP


Home version of “Wow charger” APP operation steps

Step 1: Register

First, you need one account just like the picture here. You merely input your username and password here, then we can make a confirmation that this account is registered by yourself. You do not need to worry about the safety of your personal information for the information you input will not be related to your personal information. There is no need to tell us your phone number and so on.

Step 2: Login in

After getting your own account, you could login in here.

Step 3: Bluetooth connection

After the process of logging in, you will enter the home page. You may find that the condition of charger is offline. Click the upper right corner to enter the Bluetooth search page.

Then in this page you could click Bluetooth search to enter the Bluetooth selection page and select the Bluetooth device to connect (if there is no Bluetooth object to connect, just wait for a moment or reenter the Bluetooth search page).
Select the Bluetooth to be connected and enter the Bluetooth key to connect.

Step 4: Bluetooth connection succeeded

After the connection of charger by Bluetooth, the Bluetooth icon here will turn blue. Currently, everything is ready before charging.

Step 5: Start charging

We have finished the process of preparation of charging so that we can click the start button to start charging now. The starting page is shown below. If the start is successful, enter the charging page. If you see the button turn red “stop”, then that means the process going on well. When your car is charged to full, the charging process will stop automatically. Or if you want to stop when you need to go out, you could press the “stop” button.

Step 6: Charging setting

Charging is not the only function of our home app. You may see here are so many other functions.

Insert Start. You may understand this as ”plug and charge”. If you install one AC wall box home charger in your home but you don’t want to use app to charge every time, then you could turn on this function.

Current setting. Current is vital to the charging process. High-current can speed up the charging process while low-current can help full charged processing.

Language setting. In this page, you could customize the language you want to apply.

Step 7: Time setting

Time arrangement matters.
First, you could set the region and then the app will know the exact time in your country. Second, you could merely input the time you want to start charging and how long you want to charge your car. If you do not set that, then the charger will charge your car to full and stop.

Step 8: Charging record

In this page you will know the information of your charging habit and preference. Then there comes the charging plan which merely belongs to yourself.


What if you have a charging station, how are you going to operate this station?

Bluesky provides you with a smart applications that can be a great helper for running your charging station

Our commercial app is called “Wow Charger” which you could download from Apple store or Google play. Let me show you the details about the manual of this application.

To begin with, like almost all of other applications. You need to register your account and then you could use the functions inside. There is no need to worry about personal information leakage since no private information will be filled in your account.

Furthermore, as an emerging payment method, QR codes have gradually become popular in various countries. scan the code to charge. After scanning the code, we will enter the payment interface. As you could see in the picture, you could choose the amount for charging. After confirming the amount, then you could press “Start Charging” to start the charging process. You could also choose to charge by time, electricity and so on.

There is possibility that if you end the charging process but the amount you’ve set to charge, the remaining money will be automatically returned within a period of time after the end of charging to your account.

Moreover, when your electric car is charging, you will see the almost all the data such as power, voltage, current, temperature, consumption amount and unit price, etc. If you want to stop charging process, then you could press “Stop Charging” to stop charging.

What’s more, when you are searching for the chargers you want to charge, then you could click “Home” button below to enter the home page of the system and view the information of nearby stations, nearby free parking lots and idle EV chargers. There is a map in the system that you could see the point where chargers locate. You could also click “Filter” to view the nearby free parking lot and idle EV charger, which is convenient for users to quickly and nearby EV charger to charge the car.
Once you find the chargers which is near to the place you always go, you could click “Favorites” to view the recently used station, which is convenient for users to use next time.

Last but not the least, we also could achieve the function of order record. That means the recording will be kept in your app background and you could check the money you have spent on charging, the time you have been charging and the amount of the electricity you have charged and so on. The monthly or annually report is also possible so that you could arrange your charging plan efficiently.

As we mentioned above, you may know that we could pay by this app. However, you may also think about one question: how to pay? It is a virtual wallet in our app that we could use to recharge, pay and charge. By this, you don’t need to pay cash to the staff directly every time you come to charge your car. You merely need to recharge your money in this virtual wallet for one time, and then the charging process will be much easier and more efficient.
However, there is one thing which needed to be added on. What if we are staffs, how could we arrange the recharging process for our customers? Apply our platform.

We apply the platform to get the cash or bank card payment or credit card payment from our customers and then we can fill in the amount of the money they’ve arranged.

If we see this from your customers’ point of view, you will see that the station staff will help you recharge according to the card number and currency amount you provide. First click the Member Center in the upper right corner and then click Recharge Member. Finally, click the recharge button to enter the recharge interface. Input the user’s unique card number and recharge amount and click “OK” to recharge. Sites belonging to the same carrier can share the service.

That’s all for my introduction of our commercial app! If you are interested in the installation of your own stations, welcome to join us Bluesky!


How to use the Home version EV Charging APP?


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