EV charging station emergency plan

EV charging station emergency plan.

Nowadays, there are more and more EV charging operation stations on the market, and emergencies at some charging stations are also frequent. To prevent accidents such as electric shocks and wire fires caused by careless use of electricity, according to our company‚Äôs operating conditions and The precautions and emergency plans formulated by our company’s staff.

EV charging station

Emergency plan for rainy days

  1. Since charging on rainy days is dangerous, chargers must wear insulating shoes, insulating gloves, and raincoats when working on rainy days. If the insulated tools have reached the annual review date, the charger should immediately report to the department superior and immediately take it for annual review according to the superior’s instructions; if it cannot be taken away on the same day, a note should be posted to remind other chargers not to use expired insulated tools casually.
  2. On rainy days, rainwater can easily enter the charging nozzle. Charging personnel must pay attention to whether water has entered the nozzle. Prevent the muzzle and charging port from being burned. If water accidentally enters the charging muzzle, do not wipe the charging components inside the charging muzzle with bare hands. Immediately put the electric gun on the pile stand. You should make sure that the charging nozzle does not touch the ground and does not get water again. It should be allowed to air dry and allowed to dry naturally. Notify department superiors.

charging nozzle

Emergency plans for electric piles with a burning smell, smoke fire, etc

It was discovered that the electric pile had a burning smell:

  1. When you find that a certain electric pile has a burning smell, you should immediately check which electric pile the smell comes from (if the electric pile is in operation, you need to shut down all nearby electric piles immediately) and report it to your department superior.
  2. After the faulty electric pile is found, a sign with the words “under maintenance, please do not close” should be put up immediately.
  3. After confirming that the electric pile is powered off, the charger must immediately check which part of the electric pile has melted.

Once the parts are identified, they will be immediately reported to superiors to arrange replacement work.

  1. After replacing the components, you need to power them on again and check whether there are any hidden dangers in other components.

Smoke was found coming from the electric pile:

  1. On the premise of ensuring personal safety, press the emergency stop and report to the department leader immediately.
  2. If the thick smoke stops immediately, the charging personnel should immediately check which component of the electric pile is faulty (If it is not certain which component caught fire at the time, the relevant technical personnel should quickly find out afterward).
  3. After the parts are found, they need to be immediately reported to the superior to arrange replacement work.
  4. After replacing the components, you need to power them on again and check whether there are any hidden dangers in other components.

Open flames appear at electric poles:

  1. On the premise of ensuring personal safety, press the emergency stop and report to the department leader immediately.
  2. If the open flame does not go out, the power supply should be cut off immediately.
  3. Immediately after cutting off the power supply, use a carbon dioxide fire extinguisher to put out the fire (People need to keep a distance of meters from the fire source).
  4. After extinguishing the open fire, you need to notify your superior, who will arrange for after-sales personnel to come and inspect.
  5. Before after-sales service is completed, the electric pile should be hung with a sign saying “Under maintenance, please do not close” and cannot be re-energized.
  6. Emergency plan for electric shock accidents.

During the charging process, due to repeated movement of cables and constant changes in the environment, electric shock accidents may occur at any time.

If an electric shock accident occurs, the details of the electric shock emergency plan are as follows:

  1. In the event of an electric shock accident, the on-site charger must quickly organize personnel to rescue the electric shock victim from the power source while ensuring their safety, and taking corresponding first aid measures. They must immediately report the situation to the superior of the department.
  2. On-site personnel should keep in touch with the Safety and Security Department immediately. If they need to be sent to the hospital for treatment, the Safety and Service Department will immediately contact the local hospital.
  3. After the department superiors arrive at the scene of the electric shock, they must first confirm whether the electric shock source is high-voltage or low-voltage. Has the power supply been cut off? Are there any dangers or dangerous substances that may cause electric shock? For low-voltage electric shock accidents, the method is to report while rescuing; for high-voltage electric shock accidents, the method is to prepare and report at the same time.
  4. If the accident is close to the power switch, the power switch should be cut off immediately; The switch is too far away and cannot be disconnected immediately. Rescuers can use dry clothes, gloves, ropes, wooden boards, wooden rods, insulating rods, and other insulating materials as tools to pull away the person who was electrocuted or open the power cord. Isolate the power source; if the person who gets an electric shock is holding the wire tightly due to cramps, you can use tools such as a dry wooden-handled ax and glue-handled pliers to cut off the wires; or use insulating materials such as dry wooden boards or dry glue boards to insert under the person who got the electric shock to cut off the current.
  5. After the person who gets an electric shock is disconnected from the power supply, try to rescue him or her at the scene, first rescuing and then moving.
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