Explore the multiple functions of the Wow Charger APP

The Bluesky Wow Charging APP provides users with a one-stop solution to make the use of new energy vehicles more intelligent, convenient, and environmentally friendly.

1. Location navigation: green travel route assistant

Wow Charger provides an accurate charging pile location navigation function,

allowing users to quickly find nearby charging stations in busy cities.

Through map positioning, users can easily find the nearest available charging pile, making it more convenient to plan their trip.

This function not only saves time for users but also provides smarter route planning for green travel.

Location navigation

2. Real-time monitoring: master the charging process and keep abreast of the situation

Users can monitor the charging status in real-time through the APP to understand the charging process and charging power. This real-time monitoring function allows users to make full use of time and make travel more efficient without having to wait by the charging pile.

Real-time monitoring

3. Scan and pay: simple payment, convenient charging

By scanning the QR code through the APP, users can quickly make wallet payments and recharge. This function saves the cumbersome steps of traditional payment methods and makes charging payments simpler and faster.

Scan and pay

4. Charging record query and statistics: data insight into green travel

Wow Charger can not only record the user’s charging history but also provide a detailed charging record query function. Users can check the charging time, power, and cost information at any time. More importantly, the APP also provides monthly/yearly statistical functions, and users can clearly understand their electricity consumption and expenditure through graphs and data. This feature provides users with data insights to help them better manage their electricity consumption and plan their trips more effectively.

Charging record query and statistics

5. Bluetooth connection of home piles: customized and personalized charging experience

Wow Charger also has the Bluetooth connection function of the home charging pile. Users can easily connect to the home charging pile through the APP and modify the configuration of the charging pile. This function not only allows users to personalize settings according to their needs but also enhances the intelligence and operability of charging piles.

Bluetooth connection of home piles

The multiple functions of the Wow Charger APP closely combine green travel and smart technology to provide users with comprehensive and convenient services. This APP not only meets the basic needs of users for charging but also provides users with added value such as data analysis and payment convenience. Through this charging APP, users can more easily enjoy the convenience and environmental protection features of new energy vehicles, and make positive contributions to green future travel.

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