How can charging pile charging data be more accurate?

Every charging pile on the market must be metered before it can be put into operation, and the error of each charging pile must be ensured to be less than 5%. So how can we make the charging data of charging piles more accurate? Start with the following aspects.

1. DC energy meter

It is mainly used to measure the voltage, current, power, forward and reverse direction, etc. in the DC system. It has an RS-485 communication interface and adopts Modbus-RTU communication protocol; it can be equipped with analog output, relay alarm output, and switch input/output.

DC energy meter

2. Diverter

A shunt is a device commonly used to sense DC. It is just a small resistor. A voltage drop occurs whenever DC flows through the shunt, which will show up in the DC reading on the ammeter. A shunt resistor is a resistor that creates a low-resistance path. Due to their low resistance, they are often used to monitor high currents, which is critical in many applications. The function of the shunt resistor is to measure the current in the circuit and convert the current signal into a voltage signal to facilitate the detection, control, and protection of the circuit. Shunt resistors can also be used to expand the meter’s measurement range, bypass defective equipment, solve noise problems, etc.


Although the shunt and the electric meter are both 0.5 level, there will still be a small error. To make the data more accurate, we use an integrated meter that integrates the electric meter and the shunt. Using an integrated table makes the data error smaller, and there is only a slight difference compared with the actual value.

3. Data upload

During the data upload interval, if charging is stopped and the data is not uploaded, then his final data will be the data he uploaded before. Therefore, the shorter the interval between uploading data, the better to make the data more accurate.

The above are the aspects that can make the charging data of charging piles more accurate. If you want to know more, you can consult Bluesky.

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