How do I stop people from using my EV charging?

For electric vehicle owners, if there is a private parking space, they generally use private charging piles, that is, home charging piles. However, the problem arises at this time.
Home charging piles are generally installed in public places such as parking lots, and there is a real possibility of them being used by people. So how to avoid this?
The current anti-theft charger can only be operated by swiping a card or using a bound mobile phone when charging.
Plug and play, no one else can operate it, no need to worry about anyone taking advantage of the battery.

the anti-theft AC EV charger

Swipe card chargingļ¼š

At present, most household charging piles are charged using a swipe card, which is actually the use of FRID technology to identify and read the relevant data. Similar to the hotel room card, one card one pile, is convenient and fast.

Swipe card charging

Plug and play charging:

Plug and play is suitable for more private domain scenarios, such as personal garages. Charge the car when you come, no need to insert the card no need to scan the code. If many owners want to achieve plug-and-play, you can directly delete the card information from the charging pile. This is equivalent to their own home charging pile losing the last line of defense, so this way to consider.

The operation of the DC charging pile of the special call can realize plug and play through the VIN identification code after the establishment of the charging station,

and some models have opened the function.

APP scan code charging:

This way of charging is also relatively common. Whether it is the national grid or third-party charging piles such as special calls, APP scanning charging is supported.

Apply for binding individual piles, individual piles are only displayed in the individual pile area, not displayed on the map.

If the pile owner does not set up external sharing, then only the pile owner’s own account can scan the code to start.

Through the software to charge, occasionally encounter some because of signal, network, connection, and other problems,

caused by a variety of loopholes. Usually, the operator will be the fastest to repair, even if there is no repair,

some people who opportunistically steal electricity, will be severely punished by law to a certain extent.

Account input charging:

This charging method is mostly an alternative solution for APP scanning code after encountering problems,

and it is the same way as inputting the bank card password. You need to press a series of numbers,

it’s a very traditional experience, block your input window, don’t let people see what you’re typing,

and pay attention to whether there are cameras around the input box, basically this way, security is not too bad.

Account input charging

Finally, the AC charging pile supports the “vehicle electronic lock”, if the car has a lock gun function, the charging gun can not be pulled out after inserting the gun, which can prevent people from pulling away in the middle of charging.

If your charging pile is installed in an open area, it is recommended to install a protective box. Although the charging pile on the market generally has a protection level above IP54, reducing the sun and rain can effectively delay the speed of equipment aging. There is also a feature to prevent theft.

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