How to Bluesky manufactures DC charging piles

Let’s take a look at how Bluesky manufactures DC charging piles.

The production of DC charging piles mainly involves the casting of the shell, the output of the control board, and the final assembly and testing.

The first floor of our Bluesky factory is a sheet metal workshop with many semi-automatic machines:

Sheet Metal Workshop

  • Laser cutting machine: Cutting sheet metal is the first step in manufacturing the charging pile shell. Workers use computer control to ensure accurate cutting according to the drawings and improve production efficiency.
  • Bending machine: bend the sheet metal.
  • Drilling machine: drill holes in the sheet metal.
  • Painting: spray paint according to the customer’s color requirements for the charging pile.
  • Screen printing machine: screen print the customer’s LOGO according to customer needs.

Controller Workshop

The second floor of our Bluesky factory has our technical department, R&D department, and the assembly, debugging, and testing areas of the charging pile.

Assembly and testing

We develop the control board of the charging pile ourselves and process and test the produced control board. Qualified products will enter the aging room and stay at 55 degrees Celsius for 8 hours. Finally, the control board will enter the component warehouse. Assembly will be carried out later. After assembly, debugging will be carried out. We purchased vehicle simulation settings from Germany, which can test charging piles of European, American, Japanese, and national standards. After the load and communication tests are completed, we also need to conduct a waterproof test. After the waterproof test, we need to stay in the workshop for another day to ensure that no water vapor remains inside the charging pile. Before entering the warehouse, each charging pile must be tested.

You can also conduct a test if you want to connect to the customer’s backend remotely. Our charging pile supports OCPP1.6. If the customer’s backend also supports OCPP1.6, we can debug with the customer’s backend before placing an order to ensure that the customer can control our charging pile with their backend.


In addition to the charging pile hardware, our R&D department has also developed our commercial APP and central management system. The APP has maps, detection of charging data, charging history, and e-wallet functions. The central management system can remotely control the charging pile. We will also integrate Google Pay and Apple Pay into our APP.

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