How to choose a charging stack and an all-in-one charging pile

How to choose a charging stack or an all-in-one charging pile?

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In recent years, with the increasing popularity of electric vehicles, public charging stations can be seen everywhere, and there are more and more DC fast charging piles. The development of charging piles is increasing day by day, from the original 60kw and 80kw integrated charging piles to the current 120kw, 160kw, 180kw integrated charging piles and 360kw6-gun, 420kw7-gun, 480kw8-gun, 720kw12-gun, 800kw10-gun charging stack, etc. Due to the large number of charging pile specifications, charging station operators are at a loss when building a station and don’t know how to choose. This article will give operators a reference when choosing charging pile specifications. This enables operators to select suitable charging pile specifications, rationally plan charging stations, and serve the majority of electric vehicle owners with lower construction costs and higher charging efficiency.

Selection of charging stack and all-in-one charging piles

Charging piles are mainly divided into group charging and integrated charging piles in terms of structure. Group charging is also called charging stack or split charging pile. Group charging consists of rectifier cabinets and terminals. The number of rectifier cabinets is 1, and the number of terminals varies according to the configuration of group charging. To determine the specifications of group charging, it is necessary to clarify the power, the number of guns, and the number of terminals. For example: a group charging 360kw, 6 guns, and 3 terminals, means that the total power of the group charging is 360kw, there are a total of 6 guns and 3 terminals, and each terminal carries 2 guns. When only 1 or 2 guns are charging, the maximum power output can be 180kw. If 6 guns are charged at the same time, the maximum power of each gun is 60kw.

Integrated charging piles are also called all-in-one charging piles. There are single guns and double guns. Currently, public charging stations mainly use double guns. For example: 160kw dual guns, which means the total power of the charging pile is 160kw. When only one gun is charging, the maximum power can be output to 160kw. If two guns are charged at the same time, the maximum power of each gun is 80kw.

Now let me introduce to you the advantages and disadvantages of these two structures of charging piles:

Advantages of charging stack:

1. Because the power of multiple guns can be distributed, it has higher charging efficiency.

2. Because it is a split structure, the terminal occupies a smaller area and is suitable for sites with short parking spaces.

3. With the same transformer capacity, it can be configured with more guns than an all-in-one machine and increase charging parking spaces.

Disadvantages of charging stack:

1. Under the same power and the same number of guns, the cost is higher than that of an integrated charging pile.

2. The probability of group failure is greater because the group is composed of rectifier cabinets and terminals. If the rectifier cabinet fails, it may cause all charging guns to be unable to charge.

3. Because it is a split structure, the rectifier cabinet also needs to occupy an area.

DC fast charging piles

Advantages of integrated charging pile:

1. Lower cost than group charging.

2. Easy to install and maintain.

Disadvantages of integrated charging pile:

1. The number of power distribution guns is small, and the charging efficiency is not as good as group charging.

2. The floor space is larger than that of a group charging terminal, and some small parking spaces cannot accommodate it.

Split charging piles and integrated charging piles have their own characteristics. Operators can choose suitable charging pile products based on the above characteristics and their own circumstances. The selection can be mainly based on the site area, transformer capacity, number of charging parking spaces, and the maximum charging power required for the tram. Finally, I wish everyone’s charging station business will be prosperous and prosperous, not only to have good investment returns, but also to provide safe, efficient, and convenient charging services to the majority of tram owners, and to do their part for the country’s green mountains, green waters, blue skies, and white clouds.

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