How to install Bluesky CDZ-E AC charging pile?

This article mainly introduces the internal installation method of the Bluesky AC charging pile CDZ-E model.

1. Circuit board installation

Insert the pin headers of the light board (with pins), 2.4-inch display screen (with pins),

and card reader (with pins) into the female headers at the red frame of the AK18 motherboard (marked a, b, c),

and connect the double-pass hexagonal The insulating posts are placed between the motherboard and the light board,

display screen, and card reader holes to provide stability, and are fastened with screws, as shown below:

Circuit board installation

2. Shell installation

Install the emergency stop: Unscrew the spiral knob and gasket of the emergency stop button and set them aside,

open the emergency stop protective cover, insert the emergency stop button from the inside of the protective cover,

put a circle of waterproof glue on the bottom of the protective cover, and then remove it from the housing. Insert the outside of the frame (marked a),

and then screw the gasket and knob clockwise into the emergency stop button until it cannot be screwed in anymore.

Install the waterproof joint and waterproof plug: Unscrew the knobs of the two waterproof joints and the waterproof plug and set them aside.

Insert the waterproof joint and waterproof plug from the outside of the red frame of the housing (marked b), and use the knobs to follow them. Tighten the hour hand until it stops. As shown below:

Shell installation

3. Component installation

Install the motherboard: Install the AK18 motherboard into the bottom of the case and tighten it with screws m3*10.

Install the motherboard

Connect the emergency stop cable: Plug the 2.8 spring terminals of the emergency stop cable into the no and c connectors of the emergency stop button,

and insert the emergency stop cable socket into the corresponding interface on the motherboard.

Install the gun wire: Pass the gun wire through the waterproof connector (left) from the outside of the housing,

and install and fix the gun wires L1, N, PE, and CP according to the silkscreen on the board.

Install the fixing brackets: Install the two fixing brackets at the red frame below the housing to press the gun line, and tighten the screws m4*10. As shown below:

Connect the emergency stop cable

Face sticker: Wipe the front of the case with alcohol, align the face sticker with the front of the case, cover it slowly, and stick it accurately on the front of the case. As shown below:

Face sticker


In short, an AC charging pile is a device that provides charging services for electric vehicles. Its use can facilitate the charging of electric vehicles and improve the convenience of use of electric vehicles. However, the construction and maintenance costs of charging piles are high, and problems such as uneven distribution of charging facilities still need to be solved. Through the joint efforts of the government and enterprises, we can promote the popularization of electric vehicles and the development of charging facilities, and promote the use of clean energy.

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