How to safely charge electric vehicles in hot weather?

How to safely electric car charging in hot weather?

01 Try to avoid charging in the hot sun

In the scorching sun, you should choose a charging station with a roof that can be shaded, and charge in a cool and ventilated place. This can ensure an adaptable temperature when charging and is also conducive to the heat dissipation of the car’s power battery.

Bluesky EV charger case

02 Try to avoid charging immediately after driving

After using the car in summer, it is recommended to park the car for about 30 minutes, and then charge the battery after the temperature of the battery has dropped sufficiently. On the one hand, it avoids potential safety hazards caused by excessive battery temperature. On the other hand, a suitable temperature can further improve the charging efficiency.

Bluesky EV charger case

03 Check charging equipment
  • In hot weather, charging devices are susceptible to overheating. Before each charge, check that the charging device is working properly and that the plugs and sockets are not damaged. If you find a problem, please do not charge it.

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  • Do not stay in the car during the charging process, and turn off the power in the car to avoid affecting the battery life due to the power load.
04 Do not place flammable objects in the car
  • Try not to place flammable and explosive items in the car, such as lighters, perfume, charging treasure, etc. Do not place beverage bottles, glasses, and other items on the vehicle dashboard, seats, etc., as they may refract sunlight and ignite other items in the vehicle.

Do not place flammable objects in the car

  • During use, remember to regularly check whether your car has problems such as circuit rubber aging, circuit resistance increase, and heat generation, so as to avoid spontaneous combustion of the vehicle due to circuit aging under high-temperature conditions.

How does Bluesky help your car survive the hot summer?

01 Tram thermometer

The power battery is different from the mechanical transmission of traditional fuel vehicles. It is impossible to identify the problem through sound and observation. It is difficult to see the problem before the temperature is too high.

Through the background management system, Bluesky conducts a “physical examination” of the vehicle battery during the charging process, allowing the vehicle to be “online” at all times during the charging process to prevent safety accidents caused by overheating.

02 Tram antipyretics

Spontaneous combustion caused by overheating of electric vehicle power batteries mainly occurs during fast full charging or overcharging. By limiting the upper limit of SOC, such accidents can be prevented.

The Bluesky SOC value limit function can manually set the SOC, so that the vehicle will automatically stop charging when it reaches a certain limit value, effectively preventing electric vehicle fire accidents.

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