How to use the WiFi function of the charging pile?

How to use the WiFi function of Bluesky charging pile? Today I will introduce to you the operation steps.

1. There is a wifi module inside the charger. As long as the charger is powered on, the wifi module can work, as shown below.

charging pile wifi module

2. Turn on the computer and search for the wifi network module. Connect to WIFI (WIFI name defaults to MIFI_XXXX, the password is 1234567890)

Connect to WIFI

3. After the WIFI connection is completed, enter the website (change the language in the upper right corner).

switch language

4. If SIM card identification fails, please click “Advanced Settings”, enter password management, and then enter the administrator page.

advanced settings

5. Follow steps 1, 2, 3, and 4 to modify the language of the interface.

Modify the language of the interface

6. Follow steps 1, 2, 3. Click to select your home wifi.

Choose home wifi

7. Enter the password for your home wifi and click Save.

Enter the wifi password

8. Disable this wifi. MIFI XXXX. (In this way, the mobile phone cannot be connected to the charging station WiFi again to prevent the charging station WiFi from being blocked)

Disable this wifi

9. After the setting is completed, wait for 2 minutes and the wifi will complete the automatic connection.

WiFi setting completes automatic connection

10. Turn off the power and then on again. Wait two minutes to see the network symbol on the screen. (A full wifi symbol indicates a successful connection)

wifi connection successful

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