Introduction to basic knowledge of EV charger

1. The brief price level for Ac and Dc chargers.

All over the world, there are two kinds of EV chargers, one is the AC charger which is used at home, called a slow charger when people come home at night and it takes 7 hours almost to charge one car, the price is very cheap.$200-$500 almost Another one is a DC charger, which we called a fast charger, for commercial use, install in public, it takes 40 minutes to charge one car, but very expensive.$6000-$12800 almost.

2. How many types of connectors are all over the world, and how to recognize

Still the cars from different countries, the plug of the electric gun is different, in all over the world, there are three standards CCS, CHAdeMO, and GB, we have all these three types.

Charging gun type

3. How to choose an economic power for the chargers

Many people are interested in high-level power chargers, he thinks it can take a short time to charge one car. I will say this is not true.

As we know Power P=UI, U is the voltage the car can accept, and I is the current charger can output,

Now most of our chargers are air cooling systems, and the maximum current our charging cable can output is 200A The voltage the car can accept is mainly 400V-500V,

but still, there are some cars that were special. such as Tesla 400V, BYD 500V, MG 500V, Audi 700V,porsche 800V,

some bus 750V or 1000V. as P=UI, so most of cars only can accept 400*200 or 500*200=80KW or 100kW.

what’s more, there is a BMS system in each car which will protect the charging speed,

when the battery is approaching full it will reduce the charging speed automatically,

that means most of the time, the charger can’t output at the speed maximum 80KW or 100KW.

Only when the SOC of the battery is below 10% or can reach the maximum power.

if you charge a car that only can accept voltages 400V and 500,

but you installed or purchased the charger 180 KW 200 KW, or 240KW,

the truth is the car only can accept 60KW single guns most of the time.

what about other power remaining? It will be a waste, stay there, no use.

So that’s why in the market, most chargers are 120 KW double guns or 160 KW double guns. These power are the most economic.

4. What’s the liquid cooling charger and its cost

Then some people will say “Why tesla can accept 200KW, but here you said only 80KW” This is related to another cooling solution, we called the liquid cooling system.

Because the cooling method is different, we use the liquid medium to release the heat,

there is a liquid pump pipe system, so it allows the cable to reach the current up to 500A maximum.

But I will say this solution is very expensive, there will be an extra cost of about 20000 USD for each charging gun when the power was the same.

5. What’s the advantage of a blue sky EV charger

Bluesky Energy engaged in ev charger field for more than 5 years. we are an IPO company since 2015. All electric boards, hardware, and software are designed and produced by ourselves. we have the ability to provide OEM in software and hardware, our team is all young people, and most of them have a bachelor’s degree. our product already got a CE certificate from TUV Germany, we are the first one in China that got a high-level two dc+one Ac TUV certificate. and our product has already been used and tested in more than 55 countries, Clients don’t have to worry about a new market, there is a problem with the adaptability of our EV chargers. This is our very valuable experience. if anyone wants to see our cases, we would like to share them with you separately. and we have an all-English-speaking after-sales team, with all English version electric manuals and videos. It will be useful for our end users who operate the chargers.


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