Is the charging station business in China profitable?

The country’s first charging pile was launched, the first pure electric vehicle was launched in China,

and the charging industry has been advancing all the way. Unknowingly, large and small new energy electric vehicle charging stations have quietly appeared in our field of vision.

But do you know how much it costs to set up a charging station?

Today, from the perspective of equipment and construction, I will introduce the construction investment cost of the next charging station and the profit return cycle of the charging station.

1. The basic cost of building a station

The location of the charging station is very important. All the costs in this article are only calculated for equipment and construction costs!

Venue costs are not included! In an era when the ownership rate of trams is less than one-tenth of gasoline vehicles,

the main consumer groups of charging stations are taxis and online car-hailing groups.

Of course, as the number of private trams continues to increase, the charging station market in the future will The proportion of customer groups will also change slowly.

1) Equipment cost

Taking a recent customer order as an example to calculate the cost, the customer ordered 5 sets of 120kw double-gun DC charging piles. The price of each set is 37,000 RMB (including tax and transportation), and the total price is 187,500 RMB.

DC Charging pile

2) Cost of box-type transformer

A national standard, including logistics freight; fan temperature control; including conventional height aluminum alloy IP20 casing;

excluding protective cover, unloading fee, and on-site installation fee of the casing, a 630kva transformer costs 200,000 RMB.

box-type transformer

3) Construction and material costs

Mainly high-voltage pipelines, cable wells, cables, cable heads, foundation trenches, foundation piers,

parking space markings, car gear levers, canopies, monitoring equipment, fire-fighting equipment, etc. The prices of these are different in each place,

basically, You can find the engineering party to contract labor and materials. This customer has a total contract of nearly 170,000 RMB.

Charging pile base construction

Therefore, the cost of building a 600kw charging station with ten fast-charging parking spaces is 557,500 RMB (excluding site fees).

2. Profit

At present, the main income of charging stations comes from charging service fees, generally speaking, the difference in electricity charges.

Assuming that the electricity cost of the power supply bureau is 1 RMB per kilowatt-hour, and charging customers is 1.5 RMB per kilowatt-hour, then the difference of 0.5 RMB is our profit, that is, the service fee. Because the cost of electricity price during the day will vary from peak to peak (varies from place to place), the price of charging will also vary, but the service fee per kilowatt-hour will not change.

Judging from the current domestic market, the average charging capacity of each gun at the charging station is about 200 kWh (65% of the market), and the daily charging capacity of each gun at a good charging station can reach 300 kWh or even higher. We take 200 kWh as an example to calculate the income, and the service fee income per kWh is 0.5 RMB/kWh.

Power consumption * income 0.5 * days * number of charging guns = income

200*0.5*365*10=365000 RMB

There are a total of 5 machines and 10 charging guns at the customer site, with a total annual income of 365,000 RMB

Calculated, the return on investment period of the entire charging station is about 1.5 years. What do you think of this return period?

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