Mobile charging piles: no queues for charging

Portable EV charger

Mobile charging pile is a new type of charging product that can charge electric vehicles anytime and anywhere.

The design of this charging pile is mainly to solve the problems of charging queues in parking lots and space occupied by oil trucks.
The charging principle and equipment of the mobile charging pile are the same as those of the fixed charging pile.

However, the appearance and internal arrangement of the equipment have been modified.

The pile height is nearly 40% shorter than the fixed charging pile. The shape is more beautiful and it is easy to transport.

From the perspective of product features, for example, a “vehicle mobile charging cabin” has two 30KW charging piles,

which can meet the emergency charging needs of two electric vehicles at the same time.

The charging robot can charge a new energy vehicle with a range of about 600km at one time.

vehicle mobile charging cabin
Mobile charging piles can provide more convenient, faster, and safer new energy vehicle charging services, but there are also some problems.

Problems include high costs, fierce market competition, and unclear development trends.

Therefore, for consumers, choosing mobile charging piles needs to be considered based on their own needs and market conditions.

Mobile charging pile

Advantages of mobile charging:

1. Flexibility and convenience: It can be moved anytime and anywhere, thus bidding farewell to the traditional “car looking for a pile” model and realizing a more convenient “pile looking for a car”. This can solve the problem of insufficient cruising range to a large extent.
2. Regional adaptability: Mobile charging piles can make up for the limitations of some underground garages and outdoor parking lots in terms of structure, design, and fire protection, and provide more flexible charging solutions.
3. Emergency use: In the event of a power grid failure or natural disaster, it can be used as an emergency power supply to provide power support for important equipment.

Disadvantages of mobile charging:

1. Low charging efficiency: Compared with fixed charging piles, the power and charging speed of mobile charging piles are relatively low, and fast charging cannot be achieved.
2. Cost and capital requirements: The construction and maintenance costs of mobile charging piles are relatively high, and more capital investment may be required.
3. Battery life issue: Mobile charging piles require continuous power supply, so they need to be charged regularly. If the battery is depleted, it may take some time to recharge.

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