Multi-terminal integration of the charging pile platform

The construction of automobile charging facilities also needs to advance with demand. Now the charging facilities in many regions are expanding rapidly. Charging equipment should not only pursue stability and availability, but also the user experience of charging is becoming more and more important. If you want to have an excellent charging experience, you can’t do without the support of multi-user terminals by the charging pile platform.

1. What does the multi-terminal of the charging pile platform mean?

Multi-terminal mainly refers to the software or interface that users use to interact. From the terminal type, it can be divided into Web browser terminal, mobile terminal APP, applet (HTML5 page embedded like other APP), and PC; from the use type, it can be divided into operator terminal and user terminal. Different terminal types are combined with different uses, and different terminal software is combined to provide users with a unique experience.

2. The significance of the terminal of the charging pile platform

What is the meaning of different combinations of terminals?

1) Managed PC browser terminal

The managed PC browser terminal is a management platform for operators to provide charging facilities. Its main function is to manage the charging stations and charging equipment owned by the operator, monitor the operating status of the charging equipment, charging members, the operation content of the charging equipment, and view the operation status of the charging station. Therefore, the Web browser is selected. Users usually log in using a PC. The PC monitor is large and can display enough information, so it is suitable as a carrier for the management end. This is the most suitable carrier no matter how complex and how much information is displayed and set.

Managed PC browser terminal

2) Management end mobile APP

The management end mobile APP is a platform for operators to provide mobile offices. As a mobile APP, it is mainly based on mobile phones. The screen is relatively small. The advantage is the convenience of any time and anywhere, so it mostly carries important functions suitable for mobile offices. Simple operation data reports, equipment status, and faults suit the APP. Operators can check the operation status and operation status of charging facilities today or shortly at any time.

Management end mobile APP

3) User-side APP

The user-side APP is necessary software for users to use charging equipment. Charging equipment is not like a gas station. The single-use time is relatively long and more unattended. In addition to swiping cards, mobile phone operation charging is the most convenient way for users, and they can also pay directly online.

4) User-side mini program

As a product with the same functions as the mobile APP, its main advantage is that it is installed in a more popular APP, and users do not need to download other APPs, which is more convenient. However, if there is no such APP, there is no special advantage.

5) User-side home APP

Since there are already mobile APPs, why are there home APPs? Because they target different users and have different uses. Ordinary user-side mobile APPs are for all users and public charging devices. Home devices have nothing to do with money and can be used in more ways and simpler logic. For example, Bluetooth connection. No payment is required, just identity recognition and click to start, which is simpler.

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