Portable DC EV charger

In the field of fast emergency charging of electric vehicles, the Bluesky portable DC EV charger can play an important role. The reason is that it is mobile, has high output power, reduces charging waiting time, and can be customized with various input and output interfaces.

  • The charging module adopts plug-in technology, which is convenient for installation and maintenance
  • Advanced current sharing technology
  • The charging module adopts a CAN bus, and it can also be converted into RS232, and RS485 protocol to communicate with the external monitoring module through a protocol converter.
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    Why choose Blue Sky Portable DC EV Charger?

    BlueSky portable DC EV charger can be installed and moved anytime and anywhere without being restricted by fixed locations. They are suitable for various occasions and environments, such as temporary parking lots, event venues, etc.

    Built-in charging module with fast charging function to reduce user waiting time.

    Compatible with different electric car brands and models to meet different users’ charging needs.

    RFID card swipe charging, mobile APP application, multiple payment modes, convenient settlement.

    A good helper for emergency charging of electric car

    Advantages of Portable DC EV Charger systems

    1. The protection indicator is on when the input voltage is less than 270Vac or greater than 490Vac, and the module will stop working with no output. At the same time, it will be reported to the monitoring module. This function can be restored automatically.
    2. Perfect battery management. It has a battery low-voltage protection function, which can realize functions such as temperature compensation, automatic voltage regulation, and stepless current limiting.
    3. Convenient and concise operation interface, fast maintenance interface
    4. Perfect lightning protection design on the AC side.
    5. Complete fault protection and fault alarm functions.
    6. The system has an insulation fault grounding alarm function.
    7. Meet the European standard IEC61851 standard.

    Touch screen operation interface:

    EV Charging pile LED touch screen display interface


    Portable EV charging video

    We have professional factory assembly lines to ensure your delivery time

    Blanking of Fuel Station refilling equipment
    Shell processing
    The first sheet metal process is laser cutting. According to the drawings designed by the engineer, the whole sheet metal is drilled or cut
    Automatic bending machine
    Bending process
    Use advanced four side automatic Press brake to bend the cut sheet metal
    Welding for Fuel Station refilling equipment
    Welding process
    Weld and process various sheet metal parts to complete various structural shapes
    Spraying of Fuel Station refilling equipment
    Surface treatment
    The surface of sheet metal parts is electrostatically sprayed with plastic, and the logo and pattern are customized using printing or screen printing processes
    Chip soldering
    Circuit board welding
    Electronic components undergo strict screening and use automatic chip mounting and reflow soldering technology to maintain high quality circuit boards
    Charging station workshop
    Complete machine assembly
    Assemble all components according to the process, including electrical system wiring
    Testing for Fuel Station refilling equipment
    Inspection and testing
    Use special equipment and instruments to conduct performance test on EV Charger, and test the electromagnetic compatibility, high and low temperature, electrification aging, waterproof, etc. of the project package.
    EV charger Packing
    Packaging and warehousing
    After the product passes the inspection, it is packaged in cardboard or wooden boxes and stored for shipment

    Advanced Production Equipment and Sophisticated Testing Instruments Are Used To Manufacture EV Charger Products

    Common troubleshooting of the Portable DC EV Charger

    This equipment operates in a normal working environment and generally does not require special maintenance during its lifespan. However, because it is an outdoor operating equipment, it is generally required to clean the inner surface of the equipment for 3-4 months to prevent dust accumulation. Causes poor heat dissipation and ventilation of the equipment.

    1. The Portable DC EV Charger cannot be connected to the car BMS when it is running.

    a) The communication line may be damaged, please replace the communication line after the power is off.

    b) The connector may be in bad contact, please reconnect to make sure it is connected.

    c) The CAN bus may be blocked, please power off and restart.

    d ) Maybe the B MS 12 V auxiliary group power supply is not supplied, check whether the 12 V switching power supply is normal.

    2. The temperature is too high.

    a) Check whether the system is overloaded.

    b) Check whether the cooling system is working properly.

    c) If it crashes and cannot be recovered after starting up and running, immediately shut down and stop charging, and contact professional technicians for testing.

    3. Unable to swipe or insensitive

    a) Please restart the system.

    b) Check whether the serial port of the motherboard is reliably connected.

    c) Align the card reader area with the card, swipe the card again, or enter the password.

    4. Unable to scan code.

    a) Please restart the system.

    b) Check whether the communication board network cable is reliably connected.

    c) Check whether the network is normal.

    5. Emergency stop troubleshooting.

    a) When the system indicator is red, check whether the emergency stop button is pressed and turn right to resume. Normally, the indicator will turn green.

    b) After the emergency stop button is pressed, the AC incoming circuit breaker will trip (trip), and manual recovery is required. If you don’t need this function, contact technical guidance to remove it.


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