Remote upgrade of EV charging piles

Nowadays, due to the general trend of new energy electric vehicles, the demand for charging piles has increased greatly. To cater to the changing needs and maintain the latest functions and safety of charging piles, remote upgrade is an indispensable technical means.

Currently, charging pile program upgrades are based on on-site upgrades and remote upgrades. On-site upgrade is to use a handheld device to connect to the charging pile by wire or use the device’s Bluetooth to connect to the charging pile and transfer the firmware file to the charging pile device. Let the charging pile program update. Remote upgrade is to interact with the charging pile through an established protocol and transmit the firmware to the charging pile device through the network for update.

When the device is not connected to the network, on-site upgrade is the only option. But when the device is connected to the network, a remote firmware upgrade is the best option.

OCPP remote upgrade protocol
OCPP remote upgrade protocol

Advantages of field upgrades:

1. No network requirements: There is no requirement for device networking, and devices not connected to the network are supported.

2. Low interference: Generally, the transmission method of handheld wired upgrade or near-field communication (such as Bluetooth) is used, and there is no instability similar to network signals. The distance is close and the interference is small.

3. Accident handling capabilities: Thanks to the operator being on site, unexpected situations that may arise after the upgrade (such as charging piles not working, etc.)

can be handled promptly so that the equipment can resume normal operation in the shortest time.

Advantages of remote upgrade:

1. Real-time upgrade: Operators can push firmware upgrades in real time to keep charging pile equipment with the latest functions and performance.

2. Reduce maintenance costs: There is no need for manual on-site upgrades, and it can update equipment far away, which is conducive to the maintenance of remote equipment and reduces maintenance costs.

3. Improve security: When there is a network, discovered security vulnerabilities can be repaired promptly and the security of charging pile software can be improved.

4. Reduce the impact on business: scheduled upgrades can be achieved, and the equipment can be automatically upgraded during idle periods without the need for personnel on duty, reducing the operational impact of the upgrade process.

The technology of remote upgrade is to transmit the firmware to the charging pile equipment through the network.

In addition to formulating the interaction protocol, the transmission method and protocol are the guarantee of the integrity and security of the transmission process.

Usually, we will use common transmission protocols such as FTP and HTTP, which will help improve the platform access compatibility of charging piles.

How the Blue Sky charging pile management system upgrades charging piles:

1. Add the upgraded firmware corresponding to the charging pile model to the management system.

Add the upgraded firmware corresponding to the charging pile model to the management system

2. Select the designated charging pile.

Select the designated charging pile

3. Select the firmware and time to upgrade (the charging pile will be upgraded after this time when it is free).

Select the firmware and time to upgrade

4. You can see the status of the upgrade in the charging pile list (charging piles can be upgraded individually). When it is displayed, the upgrade is complete.

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