Super fast charging technology: liquid-cooled EV Charger

Liquid-cooled super fast charging technology, as a new technology to solve the “slow charging and difficult charging” of electric vehicles, has received more and more attention.

The application of pure new energy vehicles is more and more, and the “slow charging and difficult charging” of electric vehicles has been the focus of attention in the industry.

In this article, we will take you to a simple understanding of the liquid-cooled super-fast charging technology.

liquid-cooled EV Charger station1

Development situation

At present, many manufacturers continue to invest in fast-charging technology. Porsche, Tesla, Xiaopeng, Ideal, Ian, polar Krypton, Huawei, and many other manufacturers have released super-fast charging solutions.

Since there are vehicles that can achieve super fast charging, there is a need for super fast charging chargers. At present, EV Charger head companies have also released their liquid-cooled chargers.

Development situation

The charging experience of “a cup of coffee, a full charge” of the liquid-cooled EV Charger solves the problem of charging anxiety of electric car owners.

The landing of several fully liquid-cooled supercharging stations in China will promote the accelerated popularization of high-power fast charging.

What is a liquid-cooled super-fast charge?

Liquid-cooled super fast charging, or liquid-cooled ultra-high power charging technology, is an efficient charging technology achieved by liquid cooling.

The principle is that during the charging process, the heat generated is taken away through the liquid circulation to achieve fast and stable charging.

liquid cooled super fast charge

At present, high-power fast charging is mainly improved in two aspects, on the one hand, to improve the vehicle battery voltage,

the voltage of pure electric vehicles from the original more than 400V, has moved to 800V, 1000V.

On the other hand, the charging current is increased, the original charging current was more than 160A, and now it is increased to 250A, or even overcharged 600A.

Charging acceleration is mainly to improve the charging current under the condition of vehicle battery voltage.

However, after the charging current increases, the heat output of terminals and cables will increase rapidly, resulting in a rapid temperature rise,

sustained high temperatures will bring certain damage, and serious burnout safety accidents will be caused.

liquid cooled cables (red)
liquid-cooled cables (red)

According to Joule’s law (Q=I2RT), the heat generated by the current through the conductor is proportional to the second square of the current, proportional to the resistance, and proportional to the power on time, that is to say, the greater the current, the more heat generated by the EV charger. The heat dissipation capacity of the charging gun needs to be greatly improved.

To avoid the occurrence of safety accidents, we must reduce the heat and temperature rise of the charging gun terminal and cable, increasing the conductor cross-sectional area is the first solution we think of, but increasing the cross-sectional area of the conductor will increase the weight of the cable, and the user is difficult to use.

After using liquid-cooled high-power charging technology, the cross-sectional area of the cable can be greatly reduced, the weight of the charging gun cable is lighter, and the user has a better operating experience.

liquid-cooled high-power charging technology

Principle of liquid-cooled super fast charge

The water pump in the liquid cooling circulation system drives the liquid circulation, cools the electrical equipment inside the EV charger and charging gun,

reduces the temperature, and ensures the stability and life of the equipment.

The liquid cooling system extends from the EV charger to the charging cable and connector, achieving low-temperature operation of the entire charging system.

This enhances the heat dissipation performance, improves the equipment’s power density and output power, and is significantly improved than the traditional air-cooled dissipated heat dissipation technology.

Principle of liquid cooled super fast charge

In general, liquid-cooled super-fast charging is a technological trend, that can not only improve charging efficiency and safety,

but also adapt to various models and environments to provide fast, stable, and safe charging services for new energy vehicles.

It has important significance and influence in solving the problem of long-distance running of trams,

and also brings new opportunities and impetus for the development and popularization of new energy vehicles,

and has broad market prospects and development space.

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