Surge protector for EV charging

With the popularity of electric vehicles, charging piles are used more and more. In terms of electricity safety, Bluesky has also implemented multiple levels of electricity protection. Today I will introduce a surge protector for EV charging.

What is a surge protector for EV charging?

Surge protector, abbreviated as SPD, is commonly known as lightning arrester, surge protector, lightning arrester, and overcurrent protector.

Based on these customary names, we can roughly judge its use. Lightning arrester,

the common saying of the lightning protector is to protect the impact of direct lightning and indirect lightning;

surge protector, the name of surge protector, the surge is also called surge,

which protects against instantaneous overvoltage that exceeds the normal operating voltage.

And handle the sudden peak current due to external interference to achieve the purpose of protection.

The processing methods of surge protectors are to limit consumption and conduction and shunt leakage into the earth.

Advanced surge protectors should have both of these methods and can provide the maximum protection level data. We can choose according to the actual situation.

The following are Bluesky’s two most representative surge protection methods:

The first type has a built-in surge protection circuit for AC charging piles.

AC surge protector

The second type is a surge protector for 40kw-240kw DC charging piles.

DC surge protector

Bluesky charging pile products are sold in dozens of countries. Different countries have different power supply systems and uneven energy supply quality, which places high requirements on the selection of charging piles. A qualified power conversion system and configuration is a qualified charging pile, which must have the most basic surge protector. For complex customer usage, Blue Sky can configure secondary, tertiary, or higher-level protection according to needs.

The two types of surge protection used by Bluesky are industrial-grade products with more complete and powerful protection capabilities.

Bluesky’s first built-in surge protection circuit saves costs for customers on the one hand. A qualified lightning arrester costs at least about 100 RMB. On the other hand, customers can choose to install a surge protector that suits their own use. The surge protector forms a secondary lightning protection system, which greatly increases the service life of the product.

Bluesky’s second surge protector is an independent surge protector. Ordinary surge protectors protect the circuit silently. We can only judge whether it can work normally from its appearance, or use precision Complex equipment is used to test the surge protector to confirm whether it is working properly. The surge protector of Bluesky’s DC charging pile is a customized product. It adds an auxiliary system circuit and auxiliary line to communicate with the charging pile control board at all times. You can intuitively see whether the surge protector is working properly. If the surge protector is not working, the charging pile will not be able to start.

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