The driving range of an electric car is 1,000 kilometers. Is it necessary?

In recent years, as electric cars have become more and more popular, many people have felt the convenience of electric cars,

including fast acceleration, quiet driving, low cost, and more intelligence…

But there are still many people who are not satisfied with electric cars. People are anxious about the battery life of electric cars,

and some people have issued the slogan “Don’t consider it if the battery life exceeds 1,000 kilometers.” But is it really necessary for the battery life of an electric car to exceed 1,000 kilometers?

At present, the majority of tram batteries on the market have a power range of 40-60,

and the comprehensive range is basically 400 kilometers. It is true that some tram batteries have a larger power and can reach 100 kilometers,

but the corresponding price will also be It is relatively expensive and is not in line with the current mainstream market.

Obviously, most petrol trucks only have a range of about 500 kilometers with a full tank of oil.

Why are people so strict about the battery life of electric vehicles?

After all, it is still a problem of difficult and slow charging.

1. Charging is difficult in some relatively remote small cities and high-speed travel during holidays.

In some remote small cities, there may be only two or three public charging stations. Not only are the locations difficult to find,

but once you find them, there may be problems such as a series of fuel trucks taking up space and equipment being damaged if left unattended for too long.

Some people passing by the local area want to Customers who want to replenish their batteries often can only look at the charging pile and sigh helplessly.

2. Charging is difficult, even on the highway during holidays.

Now, in order to vigorously promote the development of new energy-electric cars,

car charging piles have been installed at various high-speed service stations. These charging piles are usually no one pays attention to,

and you don’t meet a single customer even if you stand there for a day, but when holidays come,

everyone travels together When playing, they have become the most popular resource in the entire service station. Every holiday, charging queues become a big problem for tram owners. During the May Day holiday, Mr. Wu from Wenzhou, Zhejiang,

spent four full hours at a high-speed service station in order to charge his tram. There were several cars queuing up in front of each charging pile.

Nearly 3 hours had passed when it was Mr. Wu’s turn to charge, and it took another nearly 1 hour to recharge before Mr. Wu dared to turn on the air conditioner in the car and drive out of the high-speed service stand.

EV changer staion

In fact, at present, the infrastructure of charging pile facilities in various countries will be improved in the future.

When you open a charging software, you can find a lot of charging stations near you.

 why do you still feel anxious about charging?

It’s still too slow. I’m used to it taking two minutes to fill up a tank of gas. Even when there’s a queue at a gas station,

it usually only takes less than 10 minutes from the queue to the end of refueling. The charging time of electric cars,

which often starts in half an hour, is in sharp contrast with the refueling time of gasoline cars. When there is a queue for charging,

if a car is charged for one hour, the entire charging time will instantly become long.

The charging range exceeds 1,000 kilometers. How big of a battery does it need to be installed while maintaining the energy consumption of current cars per 100 kilometers?

Will consumers pay for the increase in selling prices caused by the increase in costs in this area?

Instead of increasing the battery power and thus increasing the price, it is better to speed up the charging speed of the electric car’s battery. At that time, the battery of mobile phones was basically only more than 1,000 mAh. The 5V1A slow charging head like Apple’s was not fast, but it was still sufficient. But when the battery increases to three to four thousand or even five to six thousand mAh, the original charging power becomes a bit small. So the involution of fast charging power began, from tens of watts to a hundred watts, and now to 200W. It only takes ten minutes to fully charge, and the main focus is efficiency. As our tram batteries continue to improve, the power of our matching charging piles will slowly increase. In the future, the power of the charging piles may reach 200kw or 300kw. By then, the charging time of the tram will also be greatly shortened!

When the charging speed of the tram reaches a full charge in 10 minutes, or even a full charge in 5 minutes, there is no need for a 1,000-kilometer battery life. Even if there is a queue during peak periods, everyone can accept a waiting time of more than ten minutes.

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