The principle of unlocking the charging base of the charging pile

Currently, there are three most commonly used connection methods for charging new energy vehicles on the market. Let’s briefly explain them first.

Method A:

One end of the charging gun is permanently fixed to the electric vehicle (the charging cable is part of the new energy vehicle).

When charging, insert the charging gun plug on the car into the corresponding gun holder on the charging pile for charging.

Method A

Method B:

The charging gun cable is a separate component (neither a new energy vehicle nor a charging pile). When charging, plug the charging gun plug into the new energy vehicle and the gun holder of the corresponding specification for charging.

Method B

Method C:

One end of the charging gun is permanently fixed to the charging pile (the charging cable is part of the charging pile). For charging, plug the charging gun plug on the charging pile into the corresponding gun holder on the car.

Method C

As shown in the picture above, when our users use the A/B charging method, they need to plug the charging gun into the socket on the charging pile. There are various charging stands on the market. Excluding their charging standards, their structures Are very different from their safety performance. Its mainstream structure is shown in the figure below:

Charging pile charging stand

After opening the cover of the charging base, you can see its exposed insert. Imagine whether there may be a hidden danger of water intrusion or accidental contact in an outdoor charging environment.

Charging stand

The advantage of the charging base mentioned in this article is that its high-current terminal is blocked by two baffles on the left and right,

and has a self-locking function. It cannot be opened normally without a gun inserted, which avoids the risk of accidental contact.

In addition to the outer cover, there is also a rubber pad in the middle part,

which fits the surface of the gun after it is inserted to prevent water from entering during outdoor charging.

Let’s talk about its working principle below.

Initial state:

At this point, we see that the circled part in the picture has two hook-shaped parts locking the baffle, which is why the baffle cannot be opened directly.

Before the charging stand is unlocked

Unlocked status after inserting the gun:

After the gun is inserted, the outer wall will resist the highlighted slope in the picture. During the insertion process, push the upper and lower parts.

After the lower part is pushed open, it will not hook the baffle, and the baffle moves with the upper part.

The spring force on the left and right sides will also pull it apart.

At this time, the gun can pass through this obstacle normally, complete the gun insertion process, and charge.

After the charging stand is unlocked

As can be seen from the above, the safety factor of this charging stand is very high. Although its structural principle is simple, it is very practical. This is why I recommend it. I hope it can be helpful to you.


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