The simple way to charge an EV without a charger

Nowadays, there are more and more electric vehicle charger manufacturers, and there are many types of electric vehicle chargers. Various home DC and AC charging piles, as well as DC charging piles for high-power station buildings and portable charging piles with plugs. It can be applied to various scenarios, but let us think seriously about whether there is a possibility that the entire charging pile industry is a scam!

Imagine such a situation. When you are driving on the road, you suddenly find that the vehicle power is less than 5%. You open your commonly used Blue Sky Charging applet but find that there are no available charging stations around. At this time, you think of the AC charging pile installed at home, but what’s the point of that?

Fortunately, there is a portable charging pile in the car. Unfortunately, there is no place around to use your charger to charge.

portable AC EV charger

But don’t worry, electric vehicle manufacturers have considered this situation. Most electric vehicles have the function of charging themselves.

You who have been driving electric vehicles for a long time may have already discovered that when you release the accelerator, the vehicle will have a significant and rapid deceleration. This is kinetic energy recovery technology. When you release the accelerator or step on the brake pedal, the electric vehicle’s motor works as a generator, converting kinetic energy into electrical energy and storing it in the battery.

Regenerative brake

Kinetic energy recovery technology converts the kinetic energy lost when the vehicle decelerates into electrical energy to reduce energy waste and increase the vehicle’s range.

In general, electric vehicles can convert kinetic energy into electrical energy to charge themselves. Therefore, when you accidentally encounter an electric car that is out of power and there is no way to charge the vehicle around, you only need to get out of the car and push the car to charge the vehicle, or simply call a tow truck to tow the vehicle more quickly for charging.

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