The Updates of the Bluesky Home EV Charging Application

The traditional charging method of the EV chargers will be swiping their cards to charge. With the development of the intellectual system, more and more people are not satisfied with traditional charging methods. They are looking for more functions in the charging process. After so many updates to our home app, our Bluesky team has attached many new functions to our home app. Let’s see what’s in there!

1. Registration

After entering the registration page, you can set and fill in your username and password. As we mentioned before, you do not need to fill in any personal information about yourself so you do not need to worry about privacy leakage.

Login interface

2. Bluetooth Connection

After the registration of the account, you will enter the home page. We have a nameplate on the top of our home AC wall box chargers and then search for this Bluetooth name.

Bluetooth connection interface

3. Start Charging

When you see the first picture, it means the Bluetooth connects successfully. At this moment, you could choose to plug the connector into your electric car’s socket. Then press “start” to start charging.
On this page, you can check some parameters below the pattern. The changes that happened in the charging process will be viewable.

Start Charging interface

4. Timed Charging

You may see the bell in the upper left corner which is one updated function. After entering the “Timing start” page, you will see that there are two options. One is “One timer”, and the other is “periodic timing”. The former will show the user the starting time and the duration of the charging process. For example, if you set the starting time as below and the duration for 5 minutes, the charger will start charging at 11:09 lasting for 5 mins.

Timed Charging interface

The latter will show the daily charging plan to the user and then they will see the multiple charging plans. Moreover, they could set the daily charging plan schedule. This will be convenient for the users to charge their electric cars without any extra movements to charge their electric cars.

Timed Charging interface 2

5. Firmware Upgrade Function

There will be several situations on the home page when you click the icon of this version number.
1)The program version of the current charger is already the newest version so there will be no need to upgrade. This page will be like this.
2)The version of the current charger is not the newest version, and then it will prompt that there is a new firmware that can be upgraded. Once the user clicks “Upgrade”, the upgrade page will come up and the installation process will start after the upgrade process is completed.

Firmware Upgrade Funtion interface

To sum up, no matter what kind of changes the world brings to us, we still stick to the trend of the times and make the changes according to our customers’ needs!
Do you have any ideas about the new functions in our Bluesky home app? It may be a good chance for both of us! Thank you for your attention!

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