The use of OTA technology in charging piles

The application of OTA (Over-The-Air) technology on charging piles can manage software updates in a timely manner, increase its functionality, and improve user experience.

There are several steps to using OTA on charging piles (the general principle of using OTA on charging piles):

1. The charging pile must have the function of remote communication, usually through Wi-Fi, cellular data network, Bluetooth, or other wireless communication methods.

2. Connect the charging pile to the OTA server, the cloud platform where the charging pile is connected. The server stores the latest charging pile software updates and configuration files.

3. Slightly different from the use of OTA in other fields, the program update of charging piles is targeted, that is,

different customers have different functional requirements, and the content of the program update is also different. Therefore,

program updates are generally not automatically detected. When the charging pile requires a program upgrade,

the corresponding program version is issued in the background and the corresponding software, configuration file, or firmware is downloaded.

OTA charging pile backend system

4. Once the charging pile downloads the update program, it will apply the new software package to the charging pile, and the charging pile will automatically restart the device to complete the update.

Compared with the traditional wired upgrade method, the use of OTA at charging piles has more advantages.

OTA technology allows charging pile manufacturers or operators to remotely manage and update charging pile programs without the need for managers to go to the site and without physical intervention.

This reduces maintenance costs and improves operational efficiency.

OTA has the characteristics of continuous improvement. In order to adapt to evolving technologies and standards and meet the progressive needs of users,

charging piles need to continuously update and improve procedures. Whenever there is a need for updates, OTA can be used,

which can improve the performance and safety of the charging pile and enrich the functions of the charging pile. Through OTA updates,

charging piles can provide users with a better user experience, including a simpler interface, new functions, and higher reliability.

OTA transmission interface

All in all, the principle of OTA involves communication, data transmission, security, and software update applications between the device and the OTA server.

This technology enables charging pile operators and application developers to update programs on charging piles without the need for a physical connection.

The application of OTA technology on charging piles can enrich the functionality of charging piles, improve the safety of charging piles, provide users with a better user experience,

and enable operators to manage and maintain charging piles more efficiently.

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