Understanding and Application of Update Firmware in OCPP

Current charging pile technology and functions are constantly updated and optimized to meet the needs of the people.

Naturally, these updates cannot avoid firmware upgrades, so how to upgrade the firmware for charging piles built before the function is released will also become a problem,

because issues such as distance and operating time will cause difficulties in firmware upgrades. At this time, the updated firmware in OCPP This problem can be solved very well and a remote firmware upgrade can be achieved for us.

Update Firmware code in the charging pile

Remote firmware upgrades can be performed by issuing updated firmware.

We can check the status of the charging pile in advance or use the trigger command to check the firmware upgrade status of the current charging pile.

Firmware upgrade is also divided into two parts: firmware download and firmware installation.

Issue Update Firmware command

The firmware upgrade is to facilitate us to promptly update the functions of previous charging piles that do not meet the functions,

and can even be used for maintenance and problem solving. Of course, some protections need to be made when upgrading the firmware.

Otherwise, if the firmware matching any format can be upgraded, the charging pile will download the wrong firmware and the firmware will not be allowed or even rolled back.

So the firmware upgrade here naturally also includes the failed state.

Select Update Firmware to upgrade

I think the biggest and most convenient role of firmware upgrade is to promptly deal with problems that arise due to environmental and other special factors.

For example, if the voltage of the distribution cabinet at a certain site is low, under normal 230V usage, there may be problems due to power distribution.

The cabinet is connected with other equipment or the voltage drop caused by the cable being too long is only about 200 to 210V.

In this case, the power grid fluctuation alarm is triggered due to such unpredictable on-site factors,

because the set threshold cannot meet the usage conditions of this site if the matching function is not set in advance and the site is too far away for after-sales processing,

you can use firmware upgrade to perform remote upgrades and special programs to handle the problem in a timely manner and save time. Save effort.

Firmware upgrades have many uses, and sometimes they can even be used to deal with emergency temporary problems.

Emergency treatment can be done in advance before waiting for the arrival of after-sales personnel. Even if the internal protocol is done well,

the rest of the firmware can be upgraded, not just the motherboard and networking modules.

This portable and practical function will only become more and more practical in the future.

We can’t just implement the protocol, but can even expand its functions to make it more practical for our own products.

Bluesky charging pile firmware upgrade methods

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