Unique looking EV charger: CDZ-O series

When it comes to unique-looking EV chargers, the CDZ-O series is undoubtedly worth mentioning. As a member of the Bluesky EV charger series, the CDZ-O series is eye-catching with its distinctive design.

CDZ-O series appearance design

So how does it perform specifically? Today we will briefly analyze:

Configurations and Functions

First, it has a series of satisfactory configurations and functions. as follows:

Bluesky Controller: supports 3.5KW-22KW optional.

It supports the plug-and-charge function and can be started through an APP or using an RFID card.

The body is made of ABS+PC material with a matte finish.

Renowned high-current terminals

Bangjian Electrical AC contactor

Yinglida AC energy meter

Product size: 400x400x120mm

Product weight 7KG

Packing size: 480*600*160mm

Packing weight: 8KG

CDZ-O series product specifications

Three-color LED indicator light allows users to intuitively understand the charging status. From blue in standby to green in charging to red in case of failure, the LED indicators are clear and clear.

Three-color LED indicator light

The CDZ-O series EV charger also has comprehensive protection functions. It includes overvoltage protection, low voltage protection, overcurrent protection, short circuit protection, surge protection, overtemperature protection, grounding protection, and leakage protection, providing users with a safe and reliable charging experience.


Advantages and Shortcomings

  • The appearance design is unique and combines functionality and beauty.
  • The matte finish adds a touch of sophistication and elegance.
  • The body quality is good, and users with brand customization needs can choose this charging pile.
  • The MID-certified electric meter needs to be external. The product default is an A+6 integrated configuration.
  • It is not equipped with a screen and is connected to the mobile phone via Bluetooth. The APP can view real-time charging data, and the APP can set the plug-and-charge function of the pile and schedule the charging function. The APP supports multi-language selection.

Environmental Analysis

  • It is recommended that the altitude for direct installation should not exceed 2000m. Above this height, a heater is required.
  • The temperature range for CE certification testing is -25 degrees to 50 degrees. But it is equipped with a heater and can be used at -40 degrees to 70 degrees.
  • Humidity <95%, no condensation.

Comes with environment analysis

Installation suggestions

The CDZ-O series is for home use and supports installation indoors or outdoors. Protection grade IP55.

When it comes to installation, the CDZ-O Series AC EV charger is very simple. Users only need to drill holes in the wall, fix the fixing bracket on the wall through expansion screws, and then fix the back mounting plate of the AC EV charger and the wall fixing bracket through anti-theft screws. Bluesky will provide an installation manual and installation video, which you can follow. If necessary, you can also contact the Bluesky sales team.

Installation scenario

Buying advice

  • There is a need for brand customization
  • There are certain requirements for the texture of the body
  • Easy to install and use

The biggest advantage of the CDZ-O series is its beautiful appearance, which makes it a work of art when installed at home.

Ambient Lighting: Incorporate ambient lighting into your charging experience to enhance functionality with style. Our charging station is equipped with a stylish three-color LED light strip to conveniently display standby, charging, and fault status, both functional and beautiful.

ELEGANT MATTE FINISH: A sophisticated matte finish adds a sophisticated touch to any space. The luxurious matte texture not only adds elegance but also enhances durability and long-lasting appeal. The body adopts the full moon design, showing a round and curvaceous shape.

Symbolic design: The design of the full moon is inspired by the symbol of reunion, happiness, future, and hope in Chinese culture, bringing more emotional experience to users.

Conclusion of conscience

Taken together, as an AC EV charger that has not had major changes in function, it has made many changes in the model and has not disappointed users.

It can be seen from the CDZ-O series. Bluesky’s unique design and body texture emphasize the appearance, making the charging pile compatible with functionality and artistry in the user’s home. The exterior design of CDZ-O has the meaning of reunion, happiness, future, and hope.


For users who use home terminals, the CDZ-O series has been set up for testing, so there is no need for much fuss, and the installation is super simple. There is an extension for the power cord, so you can easily plug it in and use it. It is used with Bluesky’s home APP to visualize charging data.

For wholesalers, the unique design gives them more marketing possibilities, and they can add the customer’s LOGO information to increase brand promotion. Kill multiple birds with one stone.

In general, the CDZ-O series EV charger has become the focus of attention with its unique appearance design, and excellent functionality. Not only is it functional and beautiful, but it also provides a work of art for home charging. For users who have high requirements for appearance and simple installation, the CDZ-O series charging pile is a good choice. Whether for personal use or wholesaler promotion, the CDZ-O series demonstrates Bluesky’s spirit of innovation and excellence in the field of EV chargers.

AC charging pile CDZ-O model installation steps

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