What are the advantages of having a charging pile at home?

At present, new-energy electric vehicles have entered people’s lives for several years, and new-energy electric vehicles are undoubtedly the problem of charging piles. We all know, that when charging outside, may have to queue, and have to wait. So what are the benefits of having a charging pile at home?

Here, the Xiaobian of Wenzhou Blue Sky Energy Technology Co., Ltd. collected and interviewed some groups of energy-electric vehicles. Here let Xiaobian explain to you.

1. More convenient:

In daily use, many users have formed the habit of inserting a gun at home, as long as the car stops,

the first thing is to plug in the charging gun, ensure full charge at any time, and go out every time.

Make the most of your free time and recharge when you wake up. On weekends, there is no need to go out specifically to find public charging piles to charge,

and it is easy to cope with the needs of cars. Avoid the hassle of finding a charging point outside.

A charging pile is equal to a large extent to avoid the shortcomings of electric vehicles, charging when not using new energy electric vehicles,

not running long-distance high-speed, most of the situation is enough. No charging pile is installed,

which magnifies the shortcomings of new energy electric vehicles, and it is not on the road to charging in winter.

charging pile at home

2. It’s cheaper

Compared with the oil price, it has a great advantage in price. Compared with charging outside, the price is also staggered peak electricity prices, enjoy low electricity prices. Commercial charging service prices will be relatively high, some commercial charging pile timeout and delay fees, and charging at home is a lot cheaper, in the electricity support peak and valley time-sharing calculation area, which can further save costs.

At present, most household charging piles can be booked for charging, and the charging pile supports setting the charging time at the low trough period, automatic charging at the point, enjoying lower trough electricity charges, and further saving costs.

Now some household charging piles can also set the time to charge, make an appointment to charge at the low trough of charging, and enjoy a wave of low electricity costs, without having to wait beside. You can schedule charging according to your needs and schedule.

3. Better battery protection

Long-term slow charge, charge with use, etc., are the most favorable ways to charge the battery, the battery attenuation is less and the power is more durable.

4. Better for the power grid

Car charging at night can balance the operating efficiency of the power grid system, save power grid investment, and amortize the cost of power generation.

Car charging

The above is a small edition of the introduction, whether there is a certain understanding of it.

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