What are the values of energy culture?

When it comes to energy culture, many people think that it is grand and abstract, that energy culture is invisible and intangible, and that it is better to produce one more ton of oil and have more energy.

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What are the values of energy culture?

Speaking of the values of energy culture, let us take the development of the oil industry as an example. Before the founding of New China, my country’s oil industry was extremely backward. In 1949, the national crude oil output was only 120,000 tons. With the gradual rise, growth, and high-quality development of the oil industry, my country has already contributed half of Asia’s oil production. Consumption of petroleum has reached 651 million tons, ranking first in the world. Today’s development of the petroleum industry has profoundly affected people’s necessities of life, food, housing and transportation, and quality of life.

In addition, the energy culture also inherits the traditional culture’s ecological ethics of “virtuousness carries all things”,

and the environmental protection concept of “doing nothing to clean up”, which contains the spirit of harmonious coexistence,

respect for nature, reverence for nature, and compliance with the laws of nature.

In modern development, a development trajectory from high-carbon to low-carbon, low-efficiency to high-efficiency,

and unsustainable to sustainable has gradually formed, and it has become an important promoter of building a beautiful China,

promoting the construction of ecological civilization and sustainable economic development.

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In his speech on the energy revolution, General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that “we must judge the situation from the strategic height of national development and security, take advantage of the situation, and find a way to conform to the general trend of energy.”

The “Tao” of the energy trend is reflected in the values of the oil industry, which is the iron man spirit conveyed by the classic song “I Offer Oil to the Motherland”, and such things as “sack hair spirit”, “three old and four strict”, “Qinghai spirit”, “one Traditional spirit such as money”, “poor money”, “only desolate deserts, no desolate life”, and spread in various workplaces and units, forming their own unique corporate culture.

In addition, this “Tao” is also reflected in the development direction of the oil industry, such as leading the transition from high-carbon to low-carbon, and striving to transform from a high-energy-consuming society to a resource-saving and environment-friendly society.

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