Why can China’s charging piles sell well overseas?

Electric vehicles chaeging piles

Electric vehicles are hot at the Canton Fair, overseas demand for charging piles has soared, production costs in Europe are three times higher than in China, and foreign companies say Chinese cars are the first choice. Musk said Chinese car companies are the most competitive in the world. Why can China’s charging piles sell well overseas?

China’s electric vehicle and charging pile industry has strong competitiveness: foreign investors say that Chinese cars are the first choice, which shows that China’s electric vehicles have advantages in quality, performance, price, and other aspects, and can meet the needs of overseas markets. At the same time, China’s charging products pile is also favored by overseas markets, which further proves China’s strength in the new energy vehicle industry chain.

China’s charging pile products can be sold overseas for the following technical reasons:

1. Global standard compatibility: China’s charging pile design meets a variety of international standards, European/American/Japanese standards, etc.

It can be installed and used in Europe, the United States, and other regions without obstacles. Greatly expand the market range of products.

2. With CE (European Uniform Safety Certification Mark) and TUV and other authority certifications,

The products meet the strict requirements of the international market in safety, performance, and environmental protection,

and enhance the trust and choice of overseas customers on product quality.

authority certification

3. Intelligent communication protocols support open communication protocols such as OCPP,

The charging pile can be seamlessly connected with different brands of electric vehicles and charging network platforms,

which is convenient for remote monitoring, billing management and maintenance, and upgrading, effectively improving user experience and operational efficiency.

4. Based on the continuation of the huge market of China’s charging piles, China’s charging piles are already at the world’s leading level in some technical fields.

China's charging pile

China’s charging pile products can be sold overseas for the following economic reasons:

And cost-effectiveness is also a key factor in China. The cost of producing electric vehicles in Europe is three times higher than in China, which gives Chinese electric vehicles a greater price advantage in the international market. This also shows that China has lower production costs and higher production efficiency in the field of new energy vehicle manufacturing. The products of charging piles also have great price advantages.

The market has promoted China’s technology and large-scale production, effectively reducing costs. It can also ensure the advanced nature and quality of products, which makes Chinese products more competitive in overseas markets. So that China’s charging pile can be sold overseas.

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